10 Interesting Facts About Technology

I am interested in the world around us. When new technology allows us to see things in different ways, we may wonder how all of this is happening.


There have been so many advanced in technology, anything is now possible. Technology is an important part of our everyday life. If you are interested in technology, you need to check out these amazing facts.

1. Scientists are able to use DNA to store and then retrieve images. This includes emails, videos, and other digital items. The DNA can store up to 10,000 gigabytes of data.

2. Drones are able to build bridges. Two Quadrocopters have assembled a rope bridge already. This was built in Switzerland. Each drone had an anchor at each end. The bridge was 120 m long and had 9 rope segments.

3. The highest selling mobile phone was the Nokia 1100. This phone was made in Finland and 250 million phones were sold. This is the highest sold electronically in history. It even beat out the PlayStation 2.

4. The most dangerous virus created was a worn called ILOVEYOU. This worm was able to crash an entire system and replicate itself. The worm arrived through emails in the form of a love letter from a secret admirer. Once the email and an attachment were open the virus spread to the computer system.

5. According to predictions by the year 2033, there would be a robot that will be able to be programmed to kill. These robots may be able to find a target and kill it without any instructions from humans.

6. In February of 2008, Google posted its first tweet. The tweet was in binary and translated to “I’m feeling lucky.”

7. The companies LinkedIn, Yelp, and Youtube were all developed by former Paypal employees. They are called the Paypal mafia. The members are Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, and Elon Musk.

8. There are smart water bottles that can tell a user how much water they are drinking. Smart medical pill containers can remind a person to take their pills. There are also alcohol bottles to make sure a person is not too drunk to consume another drink.


9. The iPod made 50 million fans in 3 years, but it took the radio 38 years to have this many listener, and the TV 13 years to reach this many viewer.

10. To fight back against global warming scientists are looking for artificial ways to cool the atmosphere. They are looking at ways to block the rays from the sun or to remove extra CO2 from the air. They want to hack the Earth back to health.

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