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10 Simple Methods For Optimizing Magento’s Front End Performance

The craze for online shopping has increased considerably in recent days due to the free to download apps of the e-commerce websites readily available in the smartphones.

With numerous people using the websites to browse the e-commerce websites, the speed of the platform reduces to an extent.

Hence, it is quite essential to maintain the loading speed per second in order to increase the number of customers visiting the site for purchase. Magento is one of the platforms available for e-commerce websites, which is heavy.

When considering a Magento platform, the visitors generally see the front end and hence, it should be kept optimized to load faster irrespective of the device used. Here Is The List Of Methods To Follow For Optimizing Magento’s Front-end Performance:

1. Upgrade PHP’s Latest Version

Similar to the other software’s, the PHP releases new versions often. Updating your Magento platform with the latest version will help in optimizing it to perform faster.

However, it is essential to go through the instructions provided for upgrading the latest versions so as to avoid any errors of compatibility.

2. Disable Database Logs

In general, every other website keeps track of the sessions with the help of the database logs. These logs might reduce the speed of your website over time. So, it is better to clean your database logs regularly to speed up the front end performance.

3. Shut Off The Unused Modules

Keeping on the unused modules will definitely affect the front-end performance of your website. Shutting off the unused modules will help in effective optimization of the website and make it load faster.

4. Enable Parallel Download Requests

Sometimes, the website loads slowly due to the incomplete content request in a queue. By enabling parallel requests will let the website perform simultaneous content requests without placing them in a queue. This will, in turn, improve the performance of the website.

5. Configure Turpentine-Varnish Cache Plugin

Varnish acts as a reverse proxy for caching faster. The turpentine-varnish cache is a plugin, which is present in the Magento content manager. Installing it and configuring the same will help in improving the front-end performance of your website.

6. Enable Flat Categories And Products

In general, attributes such as the categories and the products are stored separately as tables with respect to its data type. By putting those to a single table will optimize Magento’s front end performance.

This can be done by navigating to the system menu and setting the “flat categories and products” to “Yes”.

7. Use Apache Mod-Deflate

Sizing the content of the website smaller obviously helps in faster performance of your website. For this, you will require a module “Apache mod-deflate” to shrink down the size of the text, CSS, and javascript files before it reaches the browser.

8. Enable The Compilation

Enabling the compilation will bring all the active scripts of the Magento platform to the front. This can be done by choosing to enable in the “system” menu. This, in turn, will speed up the Magento’s front-end performance.

9. Bring CSS and JS Files Together

Commonly, the magneto platform has a numerous CSS and JS files due to the customization of your website platform.

With a reduced number of HTTP file requests, the website is likely to load faster. To achieve this, you should bring both the CSS and JS files together and reduce the HTTP request traffic on your website.

10. Host Magento

A magneto host such as the mgt-commerce by the AWS, is a one step solution for all your front end optimization issues. It is a stack that hosts all the essential Magento plugins.This will help in the faster performance of your Magento’s platform.

Following the above methods of optimizing will help in increasing the performance of your e-commerce website and improve your sales too. Good luck!


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