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15 Insanely Discounted Phones Below N40,000 With Nice Specs

Are you in Nigeria and shopping for a new phone? Do you have a budget below ₦40,000?We at techcrub have taken the pain to surf the Online marketplace and assembled some of the best phones with the best deals on Jumia for you right now.


All Phones here are discounted products, sold below ₦40,000, and have a minimum of 2GB ram. These are not the usual brands we see all the time and you would definitely love them. Warning, they are discounted though and the prices may change very soon. Here the 15 insanely discounted phones with discounted selling prices below N40,000 in Nigeria right now.

Gionee X1S  ₦34,490 ₦53,996 -36% DISCOUNT




Display                                  5.2 Inch , 2.5D IPS, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 HD Screen

CPU                                       1.5GHz, MTK6737T, Quad Core

Memory                                 3GB RAM , 32GB ROM, Support 256GB TF Card Expansion

Camera                                 13 MP Back Camera,16 MP Front Camera with Selfie Flash

OS                                          Android 7.0 System (Amigo OS 4.0)

Battery                                   4000mAh Battery

Features                                Support Touch ID, Support Fingerprint Shutter, 4G

Price                                      ₦34,490

Click here to get the Gionee X1S On Jumia.

Coolpad E502 ₦27,356 ₦53,996 -49%


Display                                  5.5 Inch. 2.5D IPS HD Screen, 1280*720 Pixel

Memory:                                3GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Support TF Card Expansion

Processor                              MTK6735P , 1.0GHz  speed Quad Core

OS                                          Android 6.0 (Cool UI 8.0)

Network                                 4G LTE

Camera:                                8 MP Back Camera, 8 MP Front Camera

Battery                                   2500mAh

Price                                      ₦27,356

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Coolpad R108 ₦35,996 ₦53,996 -33% DISCOUNT


Display                                  5.5 Inch, 2.5D IPS Screen, 1280*720 Pixel

Memory                                 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Support TF Card Expansion

Processor                              Qualcomm Snapdragon 415, 1.4GHz Octa Core

Camera                                 13 MP Back Camera, 5 MP Front Camera

OS                                         Cool UI 8.0 (Based On Android 5.1 System)

Battery                                   2,500mAh

Price                                      ₦35,996

Click Here To Get The CoolPad R108 on Jumia

LEAGOO T5c ₦ 36,990 ₦45,200 -18% DISCOUNT


Processor                               SC9853 Octa Core 1.8GHz

Display                                    5.5″ FHD SHARP Display

Camera                                  Samsung 13MP+OV 2MP Dual Cam

Memory                                  3GB RAM+32GB ROM

Battery                                     LG3000mAh Battery

Sensor                                    Front Fingerprint

OS                                           Android 7.0, Global multinational language, FOTA upgrade

SIM:                                        1 Nano SIM+1 TF Card or 2 Nano SIM

Price                                       ₦ 36,990

Click Here to Get The LEAGOO T5c on Jumia

Cubot Note Plus ₦37,699 ₦43,699 -14% DISCOUNT


Display:                                  5.2 inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixel FHD IPS screen

CPU:                                      MTK6737T Quad Core 1.5GHz

System:                                 Android 7.0

Memory                                 RAM + ROM: 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM

Camera:                                13.0MP (SW 16.0MP) front camera + 13.0MP (SW 16.0MP) back camera

SIM Card:                              dual SIM dual standby

Battery                                   2800mAh

Xtra                                       4G Fingerprint

Price                                     ₦37,699

Click Here To Buy The Cubot Note Plus On Jumia

Homtom HT50 ₦ 35,200 ₦ 46,942 -25% DISCOUNT


Display                                  5.5 inches 1280 x 720 Screen HD

System:                                 Android 7.0

CPU:                                      MTK6737 Quad Core 1.3GHz

Memory                                 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM

Camera                                 Back camera 8MP + Front Camera 8MP

Battery Capacity:                 5500 mAh

Sensor                                   FingerPrint

Others                                    4G

Price                               ₦ 35,200

Click Here To Buy The HOMTOM HT50 On Jumia

SuperD D1 ₦ 29,596 ₦ 37,999 -22%


Display                                  5.5 Inch 2.5D 3D/VR Full-Display Screen

Processor                              MTK6750T 1.5GHz Octa Core

Memory                                 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM

Camera                                 13 MP Back Camera + 8 MP Front Camera

OS                                          Android 6.0 System

Battery                                   3000mAh Battery

Xtra                                         FingerPrint Sensor

Price                                ₦ 29,596

Click Here To Buy The SuperD D1 On Jumia

iLand GENESYS 3 4GLTE ₦36,500 ₦42,000 -13%


Display                                  5.5 inch, HD LED,1280 x 720 pixels

Memory                                 2GB ram, 16GB ROM, Micro SD up to 64GB


OS Version:                          Android OS, v6.0

Processor Type:                   Quad-Core 1.5GHz

Battery                                   3200mAh

Camera                                 13.0MP Rear 8.0MP Front

Xtra Features                        Finger Print, 4G

Price                                     ₦36,500

Click Here To Buy The GENESYS 3 4G LTE On Jumia

Oukitel C8 ₦ 24,900 ₦ 48,199 -33%


Display                                  5.5 inch HD 1280*640 capacitive multi points touch screen

Memory                                2GB RAM, 16GB ROM

Processor                              MTK6850A Quadcore 1.3GHz CPU speed

Sensor                                   Fingerprint Identification

Camera                                 2.0MP (SW 5.0MP) front camera + 8.0MP ( SW 13.0MP ) back camera

OS                                          Android 7.0.

Battery                                   3000mAh polymer lithium-ion.

Price                               ₦ 24,900

Click Here To Buy The Oukitel C8 On Jumia

Oukitel K4000 ₦32,599 ₦42,380 -23%


Display:                                  5.0 inch, 1280 x 720 pixels HD screen

Memory                                 RAM: 2GB RAM, ROM: 16GB, TF card up to 32GB (not included)

OS:                                        Android 6.0

CPU:                                      MTK6737 Quad Core 1.3GHz speed

Camera:                                8.0MP ( SW 13.0MP ) rear camera, 2.0MP ( SW 5.0MP ) front camera

I/O Interface                          2 x Micro SIM Card Slot, Micro USB Slot, TF/Micro SD Card Slot

Network:                                3G,4G,Bluetooth 4.0,GPS,GSM,WiFi

Sensor                                   Fingerprint

Battery                                   4100mAh

Price                                      ₦32,599

Click Here To Buy The On Jumia

Blackview A10 ₦ 25,677 ₦31,583-19%


Display:                                 Size Range: 5.0~5.4 inches, IPS, 1280*720, 5.0

Memory                                 RAM: 2GB. ROM: 16GB

CPU:                                     MT6580A Quad core, Quad-Core, ARM Mali400 MP2 500MHZ

OS                                         Android 7.0

Camera                                 5.0MP back,2.0 MP selfie

Network Type:                       2G,3G

Battery Capacity:                  2500 mAh

Price                                      ₦ 25,677

Click Here To Buy The On Jumia

iLand GENESYS 3 LiTE  ₦28,500 ₦34,500 -17%

This phone is made by Nigerians for Nigerians and was released earlier this year. It takes into special consideration the features we care about most; RAM, BATTERY, AND CAMERA.


Display:                                   5.5″ HD LED, 1280 x 720 pixels

Memory:                                 16GB HDD,  2GB RAM

Camera:                                 13.0MP/5.0MP Dual Rear & 8.0MP/5.0MP Dual Front

Operating system:                   Android OS, v7.0

Processor:                              Quad Core 1.3GHz

Battery:                                  4000mAh

Xtra:                                       Free Selfie Stick

Price                                       ₦28,500

Click Here To Buy The iLand GENESYS 3 LiTE On Jumia

Homtom S16 ₦ 23,990 ₦43,899 -45%


Display:                                 5.5 inch

OS System:                           Android 7.0

CPU:                                      MTK6580 Quad Core up to 1.3GHz

Camera                                 Back Camera: 8.0MP (13.0MP interpolation) + 2.0MP

Memory                                 RAM: 2GBROM: 16GBExternal Memory: TF card up to 64GB (not included)

Xtra                                        Fingerprint sensor

Price                                      ₦ 23,990

Click Here To Buy TheHomtom S16 On Jumia

LEAGOO M9 ₦ 23,990 ₦43,700 -45%


Display                                  5.5″ HD- Display

Camera                                 Rear 8MP+2MP/Front 5MP+2MP Quad-Cam

Memory                                 2GB RAM+16GB ROM

CPU                                       MT6580A Quad Core

OS:                                         Android 7.0, Global multinational language, FOTA upgrade

Battery                                   2850mAh Battery

Xtra                                        Rear Fingerprint

Price                                      ₦ 23,990

Click Here To Buy The LEAGOO M9 On Jumia

LEAGOO KIICAA POWER ₦19,990 ₦23,990 -17%

The last phone on the list with over 10,000 confirmed Jumia Sales, A small powerhouse for those who don’t really have much to spend.


Display                                  5.0” HD Display

Memory                                 2GB RAM+16GB ROM

Camera                                 Dual Rear Camera 8.0MP+5.0MP, 5.0MP SELFIE CAM

Processor                              1.30GHz MT6580A Quad Core

Battery                                   4000mAh Huge Battery

Xtra                                       0.3s Rear Fingerprint ID

Price                                      ₦19,990

Click Here To Buy The On Jumia

Like any of the phones, want to get any, think you know more phones that deserve to be on this list? Let Us Know Below.

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