2017 Mazda CX-9

The 2017 Mazda CX-9 is a driver’s fantasy – it is basically one of those few cars that allow the driver to enjoy the spirit of driving while being totally comfortable for the passengers.

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Precision in steering, great suspension, a powerful engine enables this car to top our charts in this category. Now we will look at a detailed review of this car:


2017 Mazda CX-9

It has enough room for seven people – there are three rows of seats available. There is a large centre console which amply separates the driver’s seat and the front row passenger seat. Reclining second row seats that is endowed with great leg room and head room make seating very comfortable.

The third row is bit of a disappointment. It can seat two people but then it’s not very easily accessible even after sliding the second row seats forward. So we can recommend seating in the third row only for short trips or else it can become uncomfortable for the passengers.

Two child safety seats can be installed in the second row and the latch system makes this job an easy one.

The feel of the interior of this car is extremely luxurious. The plastic in the low level trims might seem visually unappealing but then it is properly textured too and has a soft delicate touch. There is a finish of real wood, metal and leather in the Signature trim which gives it the classy look.

Cargo space is relatively low and is a humble 71.2 cubic feet with both the second row and third row seats stashed. The Volkswagen Atlas in the same category can provide room up to 96 cubic feet. It has a power lift gate to make loading an easy task.


Mazda CX-9

This three row crossover has undoubtedly the best SUV look – this doesn’t at look like a run off the mill everyday business car – it has its own style and appeal. The design is inspired from the exquisite CX-5 and Infiniti QX 70. The Machine Gray color gives it the ultimate luxurious look and the chrome grille gives it a very macho appeal.

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The exterior and the interior have been heavily worked upon to make it more appealing to the user. The wheel base has been stretched longer than before. The headliner material of the vehicle is also slimmer, along with more upright A-pillars, and reworked door panels. The cars therefore, have more athletic look than fun this time. The increased rigidity in the frame has also made the car more stable than its predecessors.

There is more focus on providing more legroom and comfort to both the versions of its new model. Thus, the front seat backs have been slimmed to provide more legroom in the car. The seating of the car is made out of leather with cloth trim. The dashboard inside contains a 7 inch floating infotainment system integrated with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The brand is focused on providing comfort and class in a compact space.


A turbo charged engine and a six speed automatic transmission is optimally enough for most drivers to have a powerful, yet smooth ride. At low speeds, the power works wonders and the car can be easily accelerated even amidst city traffic.

With a lot of baggage and too many co-passengers, this car might show signs of why a V-6 is better than a four cylinder setup. This also has its advantages because it is the most fuel efficient crossover. From 22-28 mpg possible in the city/highway it is way less thirsty than its rivals. Even if you opt for an all-wheel drive, you will still be able to manage 26 mpg on a highway.

What sets this car apart is that this is a car which allows the driver to enjoy a seamless driving experience. It is heavy but at the core it can manoeuvre at ease.

Bottom line:

A great car for those who love driving. A great choice for those who want a fuel efficient crossover. Do not go for it if you are looking at this car for cargo space.

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