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2018 Best New Cars Worth Waiting for

I like that sound of “the wait is over”, time to get all the dreams of cruising with the latest cars ranging from Ferrari, Volkswagen T-Roc, Dacia Duster and others glaring with their lights on the road all the way from Britain, including Lamborghini Urus with the latest and more advanced cutting-edge technology 2017 promised us.

We have had some of these cars hitting dusts on the road already with the hardest grips but with newest version of the hi-tech Mercedes A-Class, the turbo Ford Focus, and the ultimate Subaru Impreza redesigned, 2018 is truly bringing all the prophecies of 2017 to reality.

We were promised with the best cars for driving fun as well; well the Zippy Ford Fiesta ST, BMW M5, the Hyundai i30N, Audi RS4 Avant, and a lot more will give you all the off-road and on-road fun. This 2018, electric cars like the new Nissan Leaf and the BMW i35 with the hottest electric hatchback will shift the car world forward with their rubbers. Hold on while I take you round the world of the most exciting cars, so you can grab all the advantages on every outgoing version.

Dacia Duster 2018

Dacia Duster 2018

If there’s any sport utility vehicle that costs you a sum of £9500 (est) to get to the top of any car racing competition board, it will always be the monster-head Dacia Duster 2018 with its hi-tech features. With a monster look on the inside, this SUV carries about an interior of a Volkswagen T-Roc about on its 17-inch wheels that give it a place among the badass off-road cars.

The burning LED running light will push the night away from your view as you push the silver-head Duster forward with its dashboard designed towards giving you the best driving experience you can have on any SUV. Yes, it is a new version but the way it’s moving up in the market is amazing.

Volvo XC40 2018

2018 Volvo XC40

This is yet another first-class SUV car we were promised in 2017. Volvo XC40 2018 sports the nicest interior design with a larger and more comfortable space that best suit a family travel, hang out with friends, and sport games.

The descent dashboard brings driving closer and it is not so high to obstruct your view while driving. All the XC40 features cast a shadow over the famous BMW X1 and the most driven Audi Q3. Volvo really know how to put all of the driving most wanted tools into a small package as the XC40 is more portable on the outside than the large interior space.

With speakers that are louder than the voice of the latest Volkswagen, you will be having a fun drive using the large central touchscreen in the inside made with quality materials that you almost forget the rugged shape on the outside with smoothed corners. Having one of the highest speeds as promised last year, the wheels come with tough soft grips you need for drifts.

Nissan Leaf 2018

Nissan Leaf 2018
The new Nissan LEAF: the world’s best-selling zero-emissions electric vehicle now most advanced and accessible on the planet

Let me take you into the future that is already here starting with the Nissan leaf. Made in a leaf shape with the most durable materials for lightness and portability, this is the fastest electric car in 2018 that is more aerodynamic than most of the latest electric cars though there are some old version cars that beat it in speed. Galloping like a stallion with a speed of 62mph, this electric revolution will cover about 235 miles when it is in full battery capacity.

Using a powerful set of batteries that take 40 minutes to reach 80%, the €21,990 hassle-free bug truly worth the entire appraisal made towards it before its arrival and it is going to get more expensive in few weeks from now. The additional battery added to it will almost make you forget about the charging period, I think this is the most enjoyable feature of this revolution.

BMW i3s 2018

BMW i3s 2018

BMW have been making up a lot of fusses about the upcoming i3s with its iDrive system. It can speed up to 0.62mph in 6.5 seconds and has an extra 13 horsepower. It can be used as a sport car if charged to reach its fullest battery capacity and can be used for short distance travels.

The space is big enough for a family size car and the chairs will give you all the comfy needed from a regular car. The wheels are made with the toughest materials and the grip hard enough to give the breaks the needed response. I hope the next drop from BMW cars will beat this one with more sharp LED headlights.

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class

Now let’s look into the most promising hatchback family cars starting with the £21,000 Mercedes A-Class. The Mercedes A-Class is a leading figure in the hatchback market with its hi-tech interior from which you can see the traffic on the radiant windscreens on the two sides comfortably.

The 64-color mood lighting makes the car more luxurious for every standard of living with the large screen at the front of every seat. The back seat can take up to 4 people at a go, making it the right choice for every family man. The tires are road-friendly and can drift up to 15 miles without deflating or burning up.

Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar E-Pace

This is the last on our list of 2018 fastest cars. Jaguar E-Pace, AKA brother F-Pace has the monster Audi Q3 as a day one rival immediately after its release into the market. Coming with the most spacious cabin inspired by the popularly driven XE saloon of 2015, Jaguar E-Pace comes with the strongest tires capable of drifting the big cabin over a longer distance than Audi Q3.

Why this model is the best for travel is its massive tank that can take up to 577 liters of petrol or diesel. It doesn’t burn fuel up due to the small opening outlet. The upfront tires seem bigger than any of the latest version and so will run over longer distance before coming down.

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