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3 Major Strategies to Consider for SEO

SEO is getting a huge popularity these days and the reason for its success is that it boosts a business. In simple words it promotes a website to make it rank on the top of search engine. Once a website starts to rank higher, more users starts to visit the website and leads to higher ROI.

Every business is doing SEO for their service, product. In order to achieve this, they are hiring SEO experts for that purpose. To perform SEO, consider the below mentioned major strategies of it.

Engaging Content

Content is a crucial part of the website ranking. If the content is engaging, visitors will come again and again to the website resulting into higher ROI. The content published on the website must be unique, means no copy content should be posted else the website will become spam in the search engine.

Search engine like crawling unique content on the website and rank them higher. Content is a major strategy of the SEO. Modify the old content of your website with trending and engaging keywords.

To make content appealing use proper and selected keywords that are trending as well as related to your topic. To select keyword for the website different tools are available like Keyword planner. You can use it to plan the keywords that need to be included in the website post. It gives log report on trending keyword, high rank keyword, competitor keyword.

You can analyze the log report and include that keywords in your content. Once these keywords are used in the content with proper density and planning, high rank will definitely come.

Social Media Posting

Posting content on social media platforms is a great strategy to include in the SEO. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+ have millions of active users. To reach these active users, posting content on the social media is a very good option.

These social media platforms have different functionality and include different approach of posting. Link your website content to the social media pages, this will drive more visitors to your website resulting into higher ROI.

Video content, infographic content is very engaging source for attracting visitors. Search engine also like video content and rank them higher in comparison to those websites lacking any attractive content. When users surf your post, they will get to know about the latest activity happening in your website and rank them higher.

Regularly post content on the social media platforms, two to three times in a day. This activity will help you engage with your viewers and increase the ROI.

Responsive Website

Website for which SEO is being done, need to be responsive. Responsive means it must be compatible with every platform and OS. As per the reports, 65% of the users these days are doing their most of the work on Smart Phones. Website should be compatible with these phones.

Landing page of the website must be attractive and appealing. This will help to drive more visitors to the website. The loading time should be minimum as users are don’t like to wait for a website to open in a long time.

They simply switch to other websites. Resulting into lower rank. All these factors are very important for the success of a website and are integral part of SEO strategy.

If a user visits your website and switch to another website, it means the theme is not that attractive. This switching results into high bounce rate of the website.

Those website that have high bounce rate, generally ranked lower in the search engine. All these factors play a very important role to plan SEO strategies for a website. Inter connect all the pages of your website with each other with proper links.

Include backlinks in your website, although it is a time taking process, but quite beneficial for the website ranking. A website with high number of backlink will definitely rank better than the others on the Google. Try to get the backlink from high rank websites. The end result of higher amount of backlink is always a great deal.


With the proficiency in the usage of these above strategies, definitely the ranking of your website will be increased. Use these above strategies in an appropriate way.

If you use them in the proper manner with some methodology like placing your website links, keywords, images in social media posts chances are very high to increase the rank. All such strategies are time consuming and need proper planning.

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