3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Social media marketing appears simple and easy for many entry level digital marketers. Most people use social media in a personal way and these new marketers believe that SMM should follow the same personalized tone.

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But the truth is that social media marketing need is different from personal social media use. There are similarities, however, but social media marketers must learn to differentiate targeted marketing posts from regular personal posts.

Even seasoned digital marketers have to remind themselves from time to time that social media marketing is a world of its own.

How to Run an Effective SMM Campaign?

So the question remains: where does effective social media marketing begin and personal posts end? For an effective SMM campaign and to differentiate targeted online marketing posts from personal ones, be aware of and avoid these mistakes:

Wrong Branding Strategy

There are many ways to build your brand online and using social media happens to be one of the most reliable. Social networking sites have millions and billions of users. This means you have a huge pool of individuals and businesses you can advertise your products or services to.

And you can identify your target markets from the demographics data provided by these social networks and create an extensive branding plan. The problem is that online marketers overestimate the power of social media.

They rely on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatnot and fail to exert extra effort to reach out to their potential customers. But posting on social media does not guarantee you will attract the right kind of audience. You will get some views, yes, but whether those viewers are qualified leads is another story.

The solution? Make your business stand out and be clear about what you represent. Otherwise you will meet the same fate as generic, run-of-the-mill brands.

Standing out is having a clearly defined brand personality and strategically advertising it to the right people. They should be able to identify with your social media posts, fully understand your marketing message and benefit from your offer.

Like a celebrity projecting a specific image or character, your brand must have a clear identity that people can easily recognize and recall. Proper branding helps individuals know your company’s goals, why you are doing what you do and whether your offer matches with their needs or personal preferences.

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Too Salesy

Many marketers tend to go overboard with their marketing spiels – especially online where going viral can increase your returns by a hundredfold. Social media is prone to abuse because account holders have a lot of freedom to post whatever they want on their feed.

There are rules but they do not provide a check and balance on posts unless such posts are automatically flagged by the SNS algorithm. Still, if no one reports an offensive or spam post and the algorithm has not flagged it, it will remain in plain view. Seeing this loophole, some marketers promote aggressively on social media to the consternation of the general public.

Once people know your business, they are already aware that you are selling something. You have to be strategic with your marketing content instead of asking them to outright buy your products or services without sufficient information.

People need to see the value of what you are offering. If you are getting too few enquiries from your social posts, it probably means you did not share enough information. Perhaps your message was not convincing enough to turn prospects into real clients.

Lack of Connection with Target Audience

Remember that your business will not get anywhere without your clients. That is why, when you promote your products or services, focus on your customers.

Your posts should be about how your customers can benefit from your product. But sometimes businesses make it seem like they have more to gain than their customers.

If you want to keep your existing customers and gain more throughout the duration of your SMM campaign, then be careful with your choice of words

Here are a few tips to consider so that content on your social media ads and posts will sound more natural and generate more engagement:

  • Engage your audience. Ask them questions or encourage them to share their opinion or place comments on your posts.
  • Add hashtags relevant to your business or the post you just shared. Hashtags help brands gain traction in the social media world. They bring the right people – those sincerely interested in your business neighborhood – to your page. Limit your hashtag count to 10 lest you appear too spammy and learn ways to hide them or place them in a classy way.
  • Do not post irrelevant content. If you want to use humor to appear less stiff, make sure you can easily connect this with the message on your post.
  • Be authoritative. Avoid using superlatives and choose your adjectives properly. For instance, a “very good product” and “quality product” produce different vibes. Between the two descriptions, the second one has more force and authority because it is concise and gives clear information in just two words. “Very good”, however, is less direct and just beats around the bush.
  • Schedule your posts. Though studies show that pages or accounts that post regularly gain a steady stream of followers or likes, there is a limit to how much content you can share on a given day. The acceptable threshold is 10 posts a day. Any more than that and you will run the risk of getting flagged as a spam account. Even 2 to 3 valuable and clearly expressed posts would suffice.
  • When posting, adopt a sensible pace. If you had just posted an important post, allow a few hours gap before sharing another content. That way, people would be able to focus on your most recent post and digest its message before moving to another post. Sharing too many content at the same time will distract your audience. Some will end up making shortcuts by reading just your recent post.

The Professional Mindset

Even if you are new to social media marketing, you can execute a fail-proof SMM campaign if you avoid the mistakes listed above. Neophytes can make mistakes since they are new to the field.

But take note that mistakes may cost you a lot and it will take time before you can restart your SMM campaign. Avoid making major mistakes where possible.

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Adopt a professional mindset if you want your SMM campaign to take off and generate sustainable results. When creating social media posts or ad campaigns, always focus on the brand you want to build and do not over promote your products or services.

Finally, always connect with your audience. Let them know that your brand and your products have been created specially for them.

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