4 Exciting Ways to Create Better Videos for Social Media

Videos have so far become the most important and popular form of content on social media, and they attract a lot of viewers and have higher engagement levels than any other type of content on the internet. Though some videos are far better than others in both those respects and can attract lots of viewers but also to get them to comment, share and engage with videos more frequently.

While creating better videos does not require more expensive production tools or better equipment. Follow the following tips given below if you want to create better videos for social media:

Try to make it bite-sized

Videos on social media tend to be best if they are bite-sized which means concise and focused (straight to the point). The best time varies a bit, but as a general rule, you should aim for something ranging between 15 seconds and 1 minute in most cases. But if you feel the selected topic cannot be covered in that duration, maybe you should think about splitting the issue into several sub-topics that are more focused and creating a video for each.

Pay Attention to Trends

Social media and trends go hand in hand, and this can be used to create videos that are more interesting and engaging. Keeping in mind that you can both use trends as the style or topic of the videos, as well as their form, for example, live videos are somewhat trend that is dominating the social media right now due to their excellent engagement levels.

Try to Provoke Emotions

People react more to videos that provoke their emotions and more likely to respond to them by commenting, liking or sharing of the video. The more intense you get with the passion on the video the better, and it could be something that inspires, tickles or even drive fear into them. In some cases, provoking emotions may be very tricky, but telling a story is one way to connect your viewers to the subject and make them feel emotionally invested in the outcome.

Deliver the Message Visually

Over the years or so, more and more people have decided to watch videos on mute, which means that it is imperative than ever that your social media videos can deliver their message visually. The best and easy way to accomplish this is to use subtitles, though you may want to try it out first with other forms that can ‘show’ the message without having to spell it out explicitly.

Each of these tips provided above should help you to create better videos that you record either with your digital camera, smartphone or other devices.

On top of all of these, they are recommended video editors on the internet that can help to deliver most of the tips mentioned above, and some come with features that you could use to add background music, enhance the video quality, insert subtitles, and apply special effects and so much more.

With some of these editors, you’ll be able to put together videos that are truly captivating and can grab more attention of your viewers on social media.

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