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4 Procedure To Ensure Your Car Doesn’t Get Damaged During Towing

You can never tell when you might need to have your car towed. Perhaps it has broken down in the middle of the road causing significant inconvenience. The best thing to do is to call a tow truck. However, it becomes frustrating when the towing agency takes long to send their tow truck.

And, the situation can get worse when your car gets further damaged during the towing process. To avoid this, below are 4 ways to ensure your car doesn’t get damaged during towing.

Here’s the catch

Everyone would wish to call a towing company that understands the importance of keeping client’s cars in great shape during the towing process. However, the best way to understand how the company performs on this is by risking and going through the process. A good idea is to have some ideas beforehand regarding how to ensure your car remains safe. Check out the following.

Take photos of your car

Before your car is towed, ensure to take some photos. Luckily, everyone moves with their smart-phone. So, it’s easy to get some quick snaps showing the condition of your vehicle before it’s put on the tow truck. Luckily, you have enough time to do this before the tow truck arrives. This will give you evidence to show proof of your car’s condition before entrusting it to the towing agency. In case the car is damaged, you’ll have evidence to prove it’s the responsibility of the towing company.

Roll up your windows

Most people end up overlooking this aspect. However, it’s very important that you wind up all the car windows before requesting for towing services in Perth. Leaving the windows open exposes them to dust and other particles kicked up from the back of the tow truck. This might cause considerable damage to your upholstery. It means you’ll have to spend on cleaning it. Rolling up the windows eliminates that cost.

Releasing the emergency brake

When your car fails to move, the solution is to call for a tow truck. Therefore, ensure to put the brakes on. Keep in mind that this puts your car at risk of damage when towed the traditional way where your car has to move with two wheels on the road. Releasing the brake ensures that your car is safe to move on two wheels without risk of damage. This is also necessary when the car is in the parking too.

It’s important to ensure that non-driving wheels are on the ground during automatic transmission. Towing a manual transmission car on any wheels is okay when the brake is off in park mode. When the car is to be towed using a flatbed tow truck, there’s no need to worry about brakes. This is because no wheels are going to be on the road. However, great care is necessary to ensure the brake is off when the car is hoisted. Professional drivers from a reliable towing agency will tell you about this.

Wait until the tow truck arrives

Finally, it’s a good thing to call an emergency 24-hour towing service to send a tow truck. However, directing them where your car is broken down from is not enough. Stick around until the tow truck arrives and your car is put on the tow truck. Monitoring your car as it’s put on the towing truck lessens chances of damage and you get chance to release the brakes, taking photos of its condition before it’s put on the tow truck, and you might remember to roll up the windows.

Bottom line

An emergency towing service is your way out when your car breaks down. However, the above tips will ensure that your car doesn’t get further damage as it’s put on the towing truck.

Author Bio:

Allica Campbell has been the lead consultant of  towing services in Perth, since 2012. With a degree in Automobile, Campbell has an uncanny ability to make the most complex subject matter easy to understand. When she’s ferociously following and covering the search industry. Find her on @twitter.

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