4 Ways to Keep the Engine of Your Car Working in Perfect Condition

When you are in the need of a new car, you don’t just go out to a car showroom and choose a car randomly. There is a lot of research involved behind selecting the right kind of car that will justify all your needs and will not burn your pockets.

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You might take months to decide the right car for you, but when you will finally do that, you will know all the right reasons why it is the best car for you.

Buying a car does not mean that it is all about having fun or enjoying the rides in your new car. When you finally buy your dream car, you must also be aware that it comes with a whole lot of responsibility which includes its safety, maintenance, servicing and repair and what not. You see, it is not that easy to own a car!

Whether it is a budget hatchback or a luxury sedan, maintenance is required by all the cars and is crucial for their performance. Particularly talking about the luxury cars, you need to shell a pretty good amount of money from your wallet. If you want to save on those servicing bills, you might as well take the help of independent garages to take good care of your car.

One major aspect of keeping your car in a good condition is to look after its engine properly. The engine is the powerhouse of the car and if it is kept in good condition, it will immediately reflect on the performance of the car.

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Let us tell you a few ways by which you can keep you can keep your car’s engine healthy and in perfect condition.

Changing the engine oil regularly

One of the easiest ways to keep your engine working in full swing is to keep changing your engine oil at regular intervals. When you know that your car has been driven for around 5000 miles, since that is the general standard for the recent modern cars, you should consider changing the engine oil. The engine oil is vital to keep all the parts of the engine lubricated so that there is no friction caused while the car is in use.

The car’s engine cannot go on for a long time with an old engine oil and it may also lead to permanent damage if the oil is not changed for a long time.

Check the cooling system

This cannot be overlooked in any case. Keeping the cooling system working is very essential for your car. The components of the cooling system are the radiator, the thermostat, the water pump and the coolant. Just like any other machine, the engine also gets heated up when the car has been in use for a long time. If your cooling system is not in the best of the conditions, there are high chances that it might cause permanent damage to the engine if you go out for a very long ride.

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Keep checking the coolant liquid level in the tank and ensure it is always present in the apt quantity.

Getting the car’s engine belts checked regularly

No we are not talking about your seat belts. The engine also has its own set of belts that are a crucial part of its functioning. Some of the major roles that these belts play are running the water pump, the fan, the air conditioner and the alternator, to name a few.

When the car is running, the belts in the engine simultaneously perform a lot of these functions to keep the engine running. Although these belts are made to be extremely long lasting, but if you have already driven the car for quite a distance, you must get the engine belts checked for any wear and tear.

If the belts get damaged while the car is in use, it will be extremely harmful for the engine.

Replacing the fuel filter after sometime

The fuel filter of the engine is the one protection it has when it comes to keeping the harmful sediments and the dust particles in the gasoline away from the engine. The fuel filter does not let any of these to reach the engine, thus ensuring the efficiency.

With time, the fuel filter may also get worn out or has a lot of sediments collected. For a smoother functioning of the engine, it is always a good idea to get the filter cleaned from time to time so that the harmful particles in the gasoline do not reach the engine and cause damage.

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Caitlyn Bell has clocked over 500,000 miles on her 1996 Toyota Corolla and loves to share her experience so far about servicing and repairs with Mercury Car Centre.

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