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5 iOS Apps That Make Your Life and Work Easier

Whether you want to accept that or not, mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. No matter how hard you try to spend less time on your phone, it is hard to resist.

Mobile phones are used for taking photos, making phone calls, playing games, reading news, texting and posting on social media. As it is hard to ignore them, you should at least give them some better purpose. Installing right mobile apps on your device can be a game changer.

Not only can you improve your productivity at work, but you can also become more efficient and organized in your life. Here is a list of five mobile apps that you should consider if you want to make your life and work easier.

PDF to Word Converter with OCR

This is a document management app that comes in handy when you need to edit PDF invoices, bills, contracts and other similar business documents. It can save you time on retyping and making documents from scratch when you can simply convert PDF to Word and make changes to your old business report.

Apart from work, it can be a time-saver in your personal life, when you want to send holiday postcards, edit personal finance documents, grocery lists, travel itineraries and any other type of document you need. The app is free to use, and apart from iOS there is an Android version.

Google Keep

Every type of work usually requires much organization and thinking. If you have too much on your plate at work, your personal life can suffer as well. With so many things going around during the day, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that you forget something to do.

That’s why you should keep notes of all your personal appointments, business meetings, birthdays, and deadlines. Google Keep is very easy and quick to use. You can make different notes, and have both your work and private life in the same app. This app is also free and available on iOS and Android.

Parking Panda

The name says for itself. This app helps you to find parking. It can be helpful when going to work or doing some personal errands. Depending on where you live, parking can be a nightmare sometimes. Even if you don’t need much time from one place to another, you can lose precious time on finding parking.

This Parking Panda app can search and book parking spot for you, and save you some money in the process. It compares prices of different parking spots and gives you rates that are cheaper than drive-up at the same locations.


Another common activity that you do at work and at home is creating a lot of account and passwords. Many tools and websites require registration, then online bank accounts, airline companies, social media etc. That can cause many problems, you can forget your password or someone has steal your data.

If you are struggling with passwords or you want to secure your data, you should try Dashlane password manager, that generate strong passwords and automatically logs you in your accounts. The app protects your personal and business information, by storing and securing your passwords, notes, IDs and much more. You can even monitor password health and replace weak passwords in seconds.


Time is money and you should always strive to save it, whenever you can. When you save time at work, you will have more time for other tasks and you won’t need to stay late at work. At home, when you organize your time and finish your housework sooner, you will have more for your family. Timely lets you organize your time and keep track of your hours. It has billable and non-billable hours so you can use it for work and personal purposes.

These were five interesting apps you can try to make your life and work easier. They can help you manage PDF document, make to-do lists, track your time, secure your passwords and find parking quicker. What apps do you find useful for your everyday routine?

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