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5 Mobile Accessories & Gears You Should Consider Buying!

We all love our mobile phones and are super crazed to utilize it to the fullest. I’m just shocked not much of us have decided to explore ways of enjoying premium usage of smart devices through the use of various mobile accessories and gears. There are a variety of smartphones out there today and what most folks do with them is just listen to music, play games, go online and make calls.

We’ll be detailing some pretty cool accessories and gears which could be beneficial to you in many ways. Spice up your cravings for entertainment, make your social life easier, aid your multi-tasking or just keep you trendy and techie.

Selfie Stick

If you are a photo-loving person, who crazes about taking pictures almost every where on almost every occasion, then a selfie stick is your ideal accessory. You don’t need to go about looking for who will help you take that photograph.

You just get your selfie stick connect with your smartphone and boom! You’ve taken the perfect photo of that precious moment. Selfie sticks are currently trending and among the hottest selling mobile accessories now, you shouldn’t miss the chance to evolve with tech, so go get that selfie stick today!

Smart Watch(es)

We can’t be talking of the best mobile accessories and gears and ignore this fan favorite. Smartwatches are here to stay, and ease our stress. There are various types of smart watches of course. Some of them feature support for SIM card, thus can be used to make calls, surf the net etc.

Others just run your normal smart support, notify you of mails, receive calls, check calendars among-st others.  Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi have all fully entered into the production of these lil piece of tech and have a variety of products, Apple also do have it’s Apple iWatch as well.

There are also tons of various smartwatches by various OEMs trying to meet the ever increasing need for the devices. Smartwatches are actually a fun, stylish, classy addition everyone should consider owning.

3D Virtual Reality Glasses

I got hooked to a 3D VR glass and became enchanted!. I used it to watch a 3D left right movie – Sin City, A dame to kill for – the experience was awesome! I’m currently stock piling a whole list of 3D films I would be seeing with my new toy.

3D VR glass making was inspired by Google Cardboard VR which is a pretty cool innovation (OnePlus 2 is coming with it). I believe these are awesome gears you could use to enjoy cinematic viewing pleasure where ever you are. You can also use them to play 3D games of course. I already own one, I believe you should too.

Smart Remotes

We are evolving to a smart world, so everything is getting smart. There are smartphones, smart TVs, and now smart remotes. I recently got hooked to a smart remote made by Tasogo, the device promised to control quite a lot of your devices and appliances with just a single app. I of course bought one for myself and I’m super thrilled!

This little gadget fits into the 3.5mm port of your Android device and works magic with your TV/DVD/AC/Projector. I use it on my 32″ Phillips LED TV and I’m not short of excitement. It’s probably one of the best things I’ve got at a rate cheaper than 2000 Naira.

Mobile Screen Magnifier

Mobile phones have small screens which kind of limit the number of people capable of viewing the device comfortably. Say for instance, you want to watch a movie with a few friends and/or family on your mobile, it’s definitely certain that not all the folks present would comfortably enjoy the viewing. This is very common in higher institutions. More than 10 people would be struggling to look at a 5.5″ device, pretty worrisome.

The mobile magnifier helps magnify the image while ‘still retaining’ the clarity. Works just like a projector, only smaller on a 10-15″ screen. The best part is the device is foldable to aid transportation. This is another of my new found play toys. When I’m watching a useful tut on youtube with my droid, this is how I get to see all the infos as clear as can be. Definitely worth checking out people.

Got any useful mobile accessory you feel we ignored which should be among this list? Please do let us know in the comment form below.

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  1. Your blog looks really impressive. The accessories you discussed in this blog is quite common and must accessories. Most of the people used to carry these types of handy tool with them. Smart remotes are getting very popular day by day.I recently got hooked to a smart remote made by Tasogo, the device promised to control quite a lot of your devices and appliances with just a single app.


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