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5 Modern Day Devices That Employ the Facial Recognition Technology

We are in the 21st century where the technology is at its best in making the lives of people better and easier. Technological advancement in different fields relating to the identification and verification of persons has allowed for the installation of facial recognition technology on devices. The devices have then been deployed as a security measure and have proved to impact your everyday life.

To a large extent, facial recognition devices can be seen as an improvement of the traditional fingerprint biometric systems and in some instances, the two can be used together. Here are some of the devices that employ the facial technology:

Unlocking mobile devices

With smartphones gradually becoming a part of the everyday life, keeping data contained therein safe from unauthorized access has proven quite hard. The device manufacturers understand this and most have therefore turned to the incorporation of facial recognition as an added security feature on these devices.

You must have noted that most new smartphones have the face ID as an unlock option. Ideally, this means that you no longer have to fiddle with passwords or struggle to keep up to date with multiple sign-in layers as this new technology presents you with an impossibility to steal and hard-to-replicate sign-in feature, your face.

After the huge success that use of the facial feature reported in the new devices, more phone chipset manufacturers have delved deeper into enhancing this technology. Different smartphone chipset manufacturers have reportedly busied themselves in developing specialized hardware that supports this new feature.

With this technology, you are sure that no one can take your phone and use it without your consent, and if they do, it will be of no help because they cannot access anything. In addition to increasing security, this facial recognition technology ensures that what you have in your phone remains confidential.

Social media tool

Do you have an image of a product that you are interested in but can’t quite figure out its name? Simply search the image on an internet browser as you would a word or phrase. Search engines and especially leading e-commerce stores have made it possible for their consumers to not only search product names but also images that can then be compared a global database of similar images to provide them with relevant content.

Social media sites have replicated the use of these imagery tools in influencing how their users interact with one another and their systems. For instance, Facebook’s introduced a face recognition feature on their platform that their members can use to identify different individuals in photos posted online.

The leading social media platform argues that members can also use this new feature to identify themselves on pictures they aren’t tagged in once posted online. It would go on to mention that this is both as interesting as it is a security measure. This recognition feature not only helps you keep track of your pictures online but also helps tame impersonation and identity theft.

Smart home devices

Facial recognition has also found its way into the age of smart homes and now forms a key feature of different smart home devices. It is complementing and, in some cases, taking over the role previously played by voice recognition especially in boosting the smart home security. For instance, it should not be surprising to find a door lock with face recognition capabilities as a security measure in most houses that embrace the most up to date smart home technology.

You should, however, note that while the face identification technology plays a key role in reinforcing security around homes, it can also be deployed with non-security related devices. For instance, leading technologically-oriented entertainment companies have come up with incorporated this new technology into their devices. Such devices include smart TVs and even smart home speakers.

Surveillance cameras by the policing authorities

The traffic police department and several other law enforcement agencies have also come up with surveillance devices equipped with the facial recognition technologies. And unlike most other surveillance programs rumoured to be conducted by secret agencies, the new surveillance has been embraced by different states while receiving widespread positive reception from the masses.

The deployment of this technique in surveillance devices includes enhancing surveillance systems such as Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras within sensitive locations such as government buildings. This helps the security agents identify visitors in real time without necessarily relying on their identification documents.

Some traffic officers also enhanced devices mounted in their patrol vehicles that not only check the license plates but also match them with their owners. The verification process is swift in providing these officers with reliable and actionable information in real time. Using this information, officers can nab stolen vehicles as well as spot drivers with priors easily without going through the often lengthy process of verifying compromised licenses and plates.

Staff verification devices

Some companies are also using the facial recognition technology to replace job and pass cards within their organization. When equipped with artificial intelligence features, face ID tools can record individual employee’s entry and exit times, process this date and send it to the relevant authorities.

Bottom line

Technological advancements in different spheres of life have led to new and exciting discoveries as well as an equal measure of challenges. For instance, with the emergence of smart homes technologies and the popularity of social media came the proliferation of such technological criminal activities as hacking and identity theft. Some of these have rendered the traditional password protections valueless and thus the need for an equally technologically advanced solution like the facial recognition feature.

Its deployment as an added security feature in different devices has therefore gone a long way in deterring and preventing the perpetration of crime that would have otherwise easily surpassed traditional security systems.

Nonetheless, it would be important to appreciate that the face ID technology isn’t just used for security purposes but can also be used for fun such as identifying friends and acquaintances on photos posted online.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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