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6 Free Responsive Magento Themes for Your Next Ecommerce Store

Magento has been one of the most popular ecommerce CMSs for creating extremely up-to-date and functional ecommerce websites online. In order to make your online website to be interactive, intuitive and attractive, the responsive magenta website cannot be overlooked.

You will find a good number of Magento themes and they can be either customized or be free according to your needs. All you need is to shape a dull-looking store into an engaging and fascinating one.

So here, lets take a look at the various Magento themes that are absolutely free and come with a variety of features like latest technology, responsive layouts, easy customizations. SEO-friendly codes, improved footers and headers and many more features.


This is a cross-browser theme that is responsive and is easily navigable and simlifies a lot of complicated design decisions. Here are some of the major pros of this theme. Just read on.

  1. This one features promotion options on main page
  2. It comes with a modern and eye-catching design
  3. This one is mobile responsive
  4. Comes with configurable swatches
  5. Facilitates product zoom
  6. Comes with intuitive design

Apart from that, it also provides extensions like Ajax Cart and is compatible with Magento 2.0.


This one is a free responsive theme that will make the website more professional with classy and clean layouts.

It is fully responsive and looks awesome on all types of devices and screens. Here are some of the features that help the Magento site to stand out.

  1. The site is fully responsive
  2. It is compatible with Magento 2.0
  3. It offers cross-browser compatibility
  4. It is touch-optimized slideshow
  5. It comes with a powerful admin panel
  6. It provides off-canvas menu
  7. It provides featured product-list
  8. It consists of auto-install demo content
  9. It comes with no core medications
  10. It avoids Java script confliction
  11. It is easy to use and is easily customizable
  12. It is commented code for easy customization and is well-structured

EM Necessary

This one happens to be an easy-to-use theme and can be customized well for fitting most ecommerce stores.

It was built in a way that makes it easy for rearranging the elements that make it perfect for the business. Here are some of the advantages of this theme.

  1. It is mobile-responsive
  2. It is highly customizable
  3. It hovers image functionality
  4. It includes several handy widgets
  5. It is a visual content editor
  6. It offers product quick-view feature

This one is compatible with Magento 2.0 and extensions are also available for this like Advanced Layered Navigation.


Pixtron is Magento 2 theme that is clean, free, and responsive and can be the perfect match for the online store. This theme is great for beginners and calls for no programming skills for creating a website.

There are multiple elements and options that will be done for you in this regard. The unique, creative and the pixel perfect design happen to be at the core of the Pixtron. It is highly customizable and super easy to import, and they help to make life easier for you.

  1. It is a fully responsive site
  2. It is compatible with Magento 2.0
  3. It comes with a Touch-optimized slideshow
  4. It is featured product list
  5. Pixtron comes with a touch-optimised menu
  6. Pixtron also comes with Auto Install Demo
  7. It comes with a powerful admin panel
  8. It also avoids java code confliction and comes with no core modification
  9. No coding is called for
  10. It involves a multi-purpose website development
  11. It is well-structured and is commented code for easy-customization and much more


This is a responsive Magento theme that is available for free and strengthens or boosts any website that incorporates the use of technology items like mobile phones, camera, computers and much more.

The design is clean and the navigation-easy design permits the developers for creating customizable sub-pages. It is CSS and HTML validated. It is also compatible with the major browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer 6,7 and 8, Chrome and Firefox. This theme allows enhanced visibility online.

Clothes Store

For the apparel oriented and fashion-focused ecommerce businesses, the Clothes Store is of crucial significance. It is easy to navigate and is clean. The major advantages of this includes the following –

  1. It is Seo-friendly
  2. It is mobile-responsive
  3. It comes with a background video
  4. It also comes with an online chat
  5. It also comes with extensions like Cloud Zoom and Social Icons

The above are some of the free responsive Magento themes that are most popular as suggested by the most reputed company of magento development in india. Now that you know, you can choose from any of the above themes and give your ecommerce the required boost right from the start.

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