6 Incredible Habits to Keep Your Dream Car Up and Running

Planning to buy your dream car? Which one is it: 1954 Cadillac Eldorado or 1958 Chevrolet Convertible?

It may take you many hardworking years to earn your dream car, but what happens after that? It isn’t a movie where you can use it ruggedly and expect cheaper maintenance. Always remember this: the more expensive a car is, the costlier is its maintenance. So, the only cost-effective solution is to avoid using it like a spoilt brat.

Take good care of your baby!

Read ahead to learn about methods that will not only increase the life of your dream car but will also keep it as good as new:

Check the fluids

Every car buff is aware of this tip, but most of the blokes are too lazy to actually care about it. There’s not just engine oil that you need to check after every few months, but also power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Shocked, huh? Yes, that many! Frequent TLC is essential to keep your baby up and running. Not every fluid is required to be checked every week or month, but you need to check it at regular intervals, as advised by your repair guy, to make sure they do not dry out and cause irreparable damages to your vehicle.

On-time service is a must

Dream Car

The key to keeping the health of anything and anyone maintained is regular check-ups. Just like you have regular appointments with your doctors, you need to make sure that your car meets its doctor regularly too. On-time service is vital to keep your vehicle clean, lubricated and running as smoothly as ever. It will also keep a check on the requirement of the many different fluids mentioned above.

Keep it clean and shiny

Dream Car

Well, on-time service will keep a check of everything mentioned in this article, but if that’s too much of a task for you, then all individual tips will take good care of your automobile. Who likes a dirty car, eh? No one! So, isn’t it apparent that you need to visit professional car cleaning services, regularly, preferably every month, to keep your baby clean, spot-free and shiny? There are a variety of cleaning techniques for different types of cars, so choose the one which suits your car to ensure optimum results. Yeah, now you know the secret! Keep your car scratch-free!

Don’t rev the engine

In most of the cars, when you rev the engine, it causes more revolutions which means that the pistons have to reciprocate more frequently; resulting in more friction between the pistons and the cylinder walls. Too technical, right? In simple terms, revving the engine will wear it out sooner, and it is the most expensive part of any car.

Don’t store heavy objects

Your dream car isn’t a trolley truck where you can/should store/transport heavy objects no matter what. Wondering why? Your car is capable of carrying a certain amount of weight, right? What happens when you exceed that number? The tires wear out, the engine is under a tremendous amount of pressure, the axle may distort, and even the fluids will dry out faster. In addition to this, it may also cause scratches on your babe while storing or taking out the heavy objects.

Avoid lending it to others

Dream Car

It does not come as a shock to you that lending your car to your friends and family may result in unwanted situations. Not only does this wear out the life of your vehicle more quickly, but may also result in costly damages. A mere scratch on the side will destroy your dream along with your car, will it not? So, be polite when you are refusing your loved ones, but be stern about it. They should know that this car is not a play-toy; it’s your jewellery, your love and your dream.

It is never too late to buy your own car, especially the one that you may have been dreaming since childhood. All you have to do is take good care of your vehicle with the help of the tips mentioned above. If you have your heart into something, then keeping it bright and alive is not as difficult as you may think.

It may seem like an unnecessary expense at first, but if you go to the mechanic after the problem has arisen, then it will be way more expensive and may result in permanent damage. Be smart about it; visit the professionals regularly.

Save up good! Buy when the time is right! Keep it dreamy!

Author Bio:

The used car industry is ruthless’, says Max Fleming. He has been an avid reader and part of the automobile industry as a business consultant at Vardens Ltd, which has made him realize the significance of reputation of your brand and the life of the vehicle.

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