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7 Applications for Making Money Online

There is more beyond the riff, many people failed to see because they gave up easily. With the daily invention of new smartphones and improvement done on the oldest phones, the numbers of applications one can use on them is rapidly increasing.

Do you have that friend changes his phone all the time? And he had been keeping his top money making secretes from you? You don’t have to worry as I will be showing you the right application for your phone that be your biggest source of money this 2018. Yes, by just keeping some applications on your phone, you can be making up to 500$ monthly without doing anything. Ask me how.

Think of it, how much is Mark Zuckerberg making every with the Facebook App? Millions of dollars. The applications we use on our smartphones can earn us big money only if we know the right applications to keep and how to make use of these applications to make money.

Fact is even though there are lots of applications that promise to pay you for completing some tasks and at the end pay you nothing for all the time and effort spent, there are still some trusted ones put there you just haven’t come across yet.

So, to give you a safe walk into the beat applications for money-making, I have got a total guide for you below with the most trusted app you can use to generate money.

Legit Applications for Money-making 2018

  • InboxDollar: Google is growing largely thanks to you. Do you know all the searches you carry put on Google search engine add up with that of the other millions of Google search engine users to get Google more earning? Don’t you think you deserve a cut here? Well, InboxDollar knows and is paying you. Let me first let you know that the InboxDollar application is available on PlayStore and other trusted sites for download. After getting the App download on your Android or iOS phone, all you need to do is signup, get logged in to your account and set up your profile. The site pays you an immediate 5$ for signing up, and you will earn your first 5 cents searching for some words on their search engine. You will also receive some daily task upon which you get paid fro competition.
  • BookScouter: last time I wanted to do away with some books after getting a new collection, I’d got them thrown into the trashcan before knowing of BookScouter is an application that allow you to sell your old books in the most interesting way and prize. Instead of throwing those books away, BookScouter allow you to sell them one by one to the readily available over 50 companies that buy books back. All you need do is scan the barcode of the book you want to sell and BookScouter will bring you a list of the top 20 sites that are ready to buy instantly. After deciding on who to sell it to, you will fill the payment form to indicate which account you want our money paid into.
  • Sell Photos: there’s no get rich quick method but if you keep working on the legitimate ways to get rich online, you will be getting yourself in a whole lot of money. Do you love pictures, or you are a photographer? We all take pictures now and then, capturing the moments we don’t want to lose, showing them to our love ones and getting them into hard copies inside a frame and putting them up on the wall, but not everybody knows about Foap. Foap is an application that all you to place price tags on your photos and get them sold for as much as you want. The good news about Foap is there’s a wide category on the kind of pictures you can sell.
  • Get Your Money Refunded: we are all buyers, we all love buying but just a few of us know how to get the best from the market, aside from that only a tiny population knows how to get money spent on buying things back even after usage of those products and services. Do you want to buy, enjoy and get your money back? Sure, that is an interesting way to make some few bucks over the weekends. Here is the trick. You are aware that online shops change products’ prices regularly, but you never get to pay attention to this and thus lose the big opportunity to make money from this change. With applications like Paribus on your phone, your online shopping is monitored and the things you buy are saved with their prices, once there’s a drop in the price of any of those products, you get the cut off paid to your wallet automatically. Easy and sweet!
  • Sell your Opinions: this is the most interesting way to make money online. Make money from IPSOS by the firms that deal with every political matter, using their insurer app. You will be given random questions to answer daily which upon answering earn you points that can be converted into money directly into your PayPal account. There also some questions you answer that doesn’t count as points but money directly into your wallet. You don’t need to be a political geek to answer most of the questions since they are just there to get your own opinion on the trending political matters.
  • Share online purchase experience and get paid: do you buy most of your things online? Yes? You should be making around 60$-150$ daily and even more depending on the kind of products you buy and your purchase quantity. Before going into this too simple money-making trick, I advice you know about demand and supply. Know the kind of products that are mostly sold and those with less sales. Then get your phone equipped with ShopTracker App to start getting paid for sharing your shopping experience with online stores. You are helping them know how to serve their customers better and you will be getting paid for it.

Kingsley Felix
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