7 Brilliant Tactics to Promote Your Blog Content on Social Channels

What do you look for when you are launching your business website or app on the web? Organic visitors? Conversion rate? Higher ranking on the search engines? Or more recommendations on the relevant blogs?

You must be wondering that why is there even a need to ask this question. It’s obvious that you are aiming to achieve all those milestones. In fact, the real question should be that how will you accomplish it all? Well, the tool that you are looking for here is CONTENT!

You would have often heard marketing experts quoting “Content is the King.” However, there is more to that quote and Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia has aptly phrased it as “Content is the King, but marketing is queen and runs the household.”

So, let’s assume that you already have a blog post for your business website (if you don’t already have one then get one today and hire a good content writer to create blogs for you) and you have published some really interesting and useful content. Then, why are you not getting enough visitors or readers on your blog? What exactly is it that you are missing out?

The answer is – Promotion of your blog content.

Yes, content is a marketing tool but you need to promote your content too in order to get the attention of your potential customers and get more of organic traffic on your portal. And there can certainly not be a better online platform to promote your blog content on than the social media channels.

Hold on! Before you start stressing about how you are going to market your blog content on the social media websites, let me assure you that you are going to find some really useful tactics in this article today to achieve your goals.

Now since I have convinced you and attracted your attention, let’s get started with the agenda for the day:

Include Your Blog Link on Your Business Profile Bio

After creating your business blog, the first thing that you should be doing is making that blog link visible for the audience in all your social media profiles. You can put up that URL in the “About” section of every social channel that you own, and if you do not have a social media account yet then you should certainly start with setting up your social profile first.

If you are publishing regular newsletters for your audience also, then you can utilize the features from social media channels like Twitter which allows you to alert your viewers about popular newsletters and also invite them to sign up for those.

Create a Calendar for Content Scheduling

Different social media platforms have different type of audience and hence require you to have some differentiated content. You cannot just post your latest blog link with the same caption everywhere on the web because what clicks with the audience of Facebook (which is more of a fun and friendly platform) might not interest the users of LinkedIn (which is a highly professional platform).

Having a calendar set up for the entire month will help you have a clarity of which content you need when and where it should be promoted at what time depending on the engagement time of people at that particular social website or app.

Incorporate Visual Content

Given a choice, which content would you like to refer – A graph or written paragraphs? Sounds like a stupid question – isn’t it? Of course you would prefer analyzing a graph quickly to get all the information that you want. Well, so would your blog readers and that is why you must include infographics in your content and while promoting that content too.

Trust me! Infographics are actually more attractive and engaging and can thus get you more audience to visit the blog and share it. After all, no matter how interesting and informative your 800-1000 words article would be, a picture still speaks worth a thousand words.

Opt for Custom Media

Since we talked about infographics above, you must have known by now that plain text in a blog would be too boring for anybody to read. In fact, even a vivid reader would not be interested in reading a page full of paragraphs unless you have written a really out-of-the box title for it to get his undivided attention.

It becomes customary that just like the content, you are not plagiarizing the media too. Go for original images and videos, create your own edits even if they are inspired from somewhere else and people will surely like them more.

Look to Create Guest Posts

You must have heard about link sharing. Well, guest posting is a good way to build links and it has been really popular among the popular since last few years. If you are going to adopt this technique correctly, then you can actually gain a lot of organic traffic on your blog along with a higher ranking on the search engines as it impacts your SEO.

All you really have to do is connect with the popular blogs present on the web like advancedwebranking.com and you are sure to witness a rise in the referral traffic through that linking on your blog.

Include Social Sharing Icons

Word of mouth is the best form of free publicity that any business, website or blog can get. It has been observed that a person is more likely to read a blog or purchase anything if a trusted source (friend or relative) recommends it to him. In fact, in this case a person might even read of 1000 words of long content with interest.

So, make it easier for your initial visitors to be able to share the blog with their friends and relatives with easy social media sharing icons. You can find a huge range of plugins to include in your blog post that facilitate sharing on popular social media platforms with single click.

Link Your Contents Through Repurposing

This is going to be a really challenging and interesting task for your content writer, but get your team to create 2-3 new contents. This would interest your readers to go back and read your previous contents or to follow your blog in order to read the upcoming pieces of writings about which you can hint in your current content to link up for future.

You can either write about a topic that is linked to your current writing or supplement for the current content in the form of infographics, latest news updates, presentations, references, podcasts or user reviews among several such options.

Summing It Up

The thing you need to understand as a marketer is that no matter how useful and interesting content you are creating and publishing, it will not serve your purpose unless people are aware about the existence of your content. And with the amount of contents being produced each minutes, it is not really optional for you to promote your blog content.

 Author Bio:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – A Website designing company. Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.

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