8 Ways to Make Money at Home

Nothing in this world is as special as having a child. You certainly want to spend as much time with your bundle of joy as possible, however, this is oftentimes difficult due to the lack of income.

If you are a mom desiring to stay home with the kids but also want to add some contribution to household expenses, there are a ton of ways this can be done. Yes, moms can make money at home with the kids sitting right beside them.

Whether you are young or more mature, have experience or are just starting out, the following eight opportunities for making money at home will certainly tickle your fancy. Put these ideas to good use, and soon you will be making a nice contribution to the family income regularly.

1. Customer Service

With a headset and computer with internet, a position as a customer service representative is very much possible. Many national companies, such as Hilton at Home, Convergys and Jack in the Box hire home workers to handle customer service needs.

Hourly pay, paid training and benefits are all offered in addition to part-time and full-time schedules. If you have a pleasant speaking voice, computer skills and enjoy talking and helping others, these positions could be perfect for you!

2. Babysitting

Your little one would certainly love the company of other kids to play with. What could be better than having those play dates while also earning cash?

If you love kids and have a clean, safe environment for those children, babysitting is certainly something that can put extra money in your hands.

Babysitters can earn $15 an hour or more, with other perks and benefits thrown in. Babysitters choose their days and hours as well.

3. Online Surveys

If you have an opinion you can make money by taking online surveys. This is a very part-time position, and the amount of money that you can earn can vary greatly.

Survey sites pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars each. Sometimes there are other perks, such as product samples offered. Surveys are fun, easy to complete, and something anyone can do.

4. Crafts

If you have an ability to create fun crafts, home décor, etc. you can cash in on that enjoyment and sell your homemade crafts online. You determine your prices, how much you sell and where it is sold.

You can create almost anything and make cash from it, whether it is t-shirts or photo albums or outfits for pets.

5. Telemarketing

Usually telemarketing involves cold calling people and requesting a donation on behave of a particular company. Sometimes there is no selling involved, and you set appointments or request items.

Telemarketing is usually part-time and offers a commission based pay. Many companies hire telemarketers at home, so it is a good idea to search for such positions in your local area.

6. Sales

There are many things that you can sell. Clothes that your child has outgrown, toys that are no longer being used, clothing for adults, shoes, handbags –you name it. Plus you can also join sales companies offering well-known products.

If you have a nice personality and enjoy meeting other people, sales could be a great position for you. Sales positions allow you to set your own days and hours, and you certainly control the amount of money that you earn.

7. Run Errands

Running errands for people is another great way to earn money. Whether it is heading to McDonald’s to grab some food, grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning, you can certainly make a nice chunk of change by placing ads for personal errands services.

8. Online Writing

Many companies hire individuals to write articles, reviews, and blog posts on their behalf. If you have a good grasp of the English language and enjoy creating pieces, this is a gig that can be enjoyed part-time or full time, with a great pay rate. No experience is necessary to find writing jobs online, but it is certainly helpful.

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