9 Best Agile Tools for Project Management

According to a recent study, nearly 46 percent of business owners polled claimed to have problems with meeting the projected deadlines for their projects. Failing to meet deadlines or adequately manage ongoing projects can lead to your business losing a lot of money over time.

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While using software to monitor things like AWS apps and cloud resources is commonplace in the business world, most companies fail to realize how many project management tools are available for them to use. Are you interested in an easy way to monitor your AWS apps and cloud resources? If so, be sure to check this website for more information.

Over the years, many companies have adopted the agile methodology when it comes to managing projects. This methodology is based around using short development cycles for products and services.

Luckily, there are a number of agile tools on the market that can help you manage these short project cycles with ease. Read below to find out more about the agile project management tools on the market and how they are beneficial.

The Power of Proggio

Are you looking for a way to bring a sense of clarity to your agile project management? With Proggio, you can put more focus on your team rather than the tasks they have to complete. The main goal behind this software is to create a shared purpose for your team to focus on.

This tool provides users with perks like project plan visualization and team collaboration in one easy to use dashboard. By implementing the use of this tool, you can keep your team on track throughout the progression of a project.

Use Agilean as Your Project Management Software Solution

For most business owners, finding a project management software solution that can double as a SaaS workflow automation tool is essential. Many small to medium size IT companies use Agilean due to how powerful and easy to use it is.

With this software, you can plan and execute projects, monitor progress and perform a retrospective analysis with the bush of a button. If you are trying to automate the project management process, then you definitely need to use Agilean.

Drag Helps to Transform Your Gmail Account

If you are like most business owners, using Gmail is something you do on a daily basis. Using the free Chrome extension known as Drag will allow you to turn your Gmail messages into high-organized task lists. Trying to use multiple apps during the project management process can lead to big mistakes being made.

By providing your team with Drag, you can turn their inboxes into a functional workspace with ease. With this program, you and your employees can stay on top of what needs to be done to complete a project in a timely and efficient manner.

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Wrike is a Great Agile Project Management Tool

In search of a way to integrate emails into your project management process? With the help of Wrike, you can easily accomplish this task. Most business owners use this program due to the ability it has to make managing multiple projects and teams at once easier.

Being able to upload real-time information to help your employees is simple with the Wrike system. Wrike also provides users with tons of collaboration tools, which serve to make the project management process much more effective for everyone involved.

Binfire Offers Tons of Useful Tools

Small to midsize companies can definitely benefit from using the agile project management tool known as Binfire. Not only does this program support the agile project management methodology, but it can also be sure for both hybrid and waterfall type project management as well.

The real-time collaboration tools provided to users include things like an interactive whiteboard and status updates. There is also a message board in Binfire where the various employees working on a project can ask questions with ease. Providing this high level of collaboration to your employees will minimize the number of mistakes made during the progression of a project.

Trello is a Very Popular Project Management Application

Perhaps the most well-known and popular project management tools on the market is Trello. This app offers users both free and premium versions. Each of the projects you put into Trello will be represented by a board with a drop-down list. This makes it easier to keep track of multiple projects at once.

The drop-down menu features a number of cards which represent the various assignments within the project. These cards can be assigned to the members of your team. Trello also allows you to do things like insert attachments, set due dates and write comments.

Share, Plan and Organized Projects With Asana

Another very popular project management tool on the market is Asana. Some business owners view this program as the ultimate task and project management tools on the market. Using this program allows each of your teams to create their own tasks and assign them out.

Each of the tasks created by you or your team can have things like notes, attachments and tags attached to them. You can use Asana for both small and large projects with ease.

Planbox is a Great Tool For Software Development Companies

Running a company that specializes in the development and deployment of customized software can be challenging. Often times, businesses like this will have a number of irons in the fire at any given time. For years, software development companies have used Planbox to help them keep track of their projects.

This project management platform has four levels: projects, items, initiatives and tasks. The drag and drop functionality of this program makes changing prioritization, to-do lists and messaging easy and effective.

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Pivotal Tracker May Be Perfect For Your Team

Pivotal Tracker is also a widely used project management tools, especially in the software development field. With the use of Pivotal Tracker, you can easily visualize your projects through the use of virtual cards or stories. Once you create stories with this program, you can easily predict how long it will take to complete the project at hand.

With the right agile project management tools, you can keep your team productive and motivated.

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