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9 Upcoming WhatsApp Features to Watch Out For


WhatsApp is known to be the most popular messaging platforms in the world, and recently it has announced that they’re working on adding quite some features to the app. Adding to the new features that could be coming into the platform are that Facebook, a WhatsApp parent company, is considering the integration of the app with Instagram Direct and Facebook messenger.

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This would mean that it’s going to be possible for users to send messages to other users across both platforms. Although this integration should it ever happen, may take a year to come to fulfilment, there are a few other features in various level of development that will soon make its first appearance for WhatsApp, a few of these have been listed below:

Fingerprint Authentication

The fingerprint authentication system will enable users to lock the entire app. There are also rumours about the feature allowing you to block specific sections of the app, and it is currently under development.

Third-Party Keyboard Stickers Integration

The integration of stickers when it comes to third-party keyboards is underway, and the report has it that the app will have the functionality to read and send stickers that are available to other keyboards. WhatsApp has collaborated with Google to bring this integration to Gboard, and this integration will also be stretched to other apps.

Revamped Audio Picker

This feature will enable users to see any album art that is associated with audio files, and this is in addition to being able to preview the contents of the file before its sharing. It’s currently in beta testing for Android platform.

Show in Chat Button

This adjustment in the interface will bring a new button called ‘Show in Chat’ in the ‘Shared Media’ option. Taping this button will enable the users to move to a point in the chat where the image was shared in the initially. This feature is currently under development.

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Reply Privately

The new feature in group chats will enable users to send private messages to group members without having their contact details to the contact list.

Redesigned Emoji’s

A few redesigned emoji’s have already surfaced in the beta version of WhatsApp Android. More of which will roll out pretty soon.

3D Touch Support for Status

While 3D Touch was already in the Chat section that allowed users to check chat messages without opening the chat while keeping the message marked as unread, this feature brings the functionality to the status section.

Sharing Files to Multiple Chats

This new feature will allow users to forward a media or a file attachment to different chats simultaneously.

Improvements to Sticker Management and Stickers on Media

WhatsApp is adjusting the Stickers feature by introducing some tweaks to it. The mobile messaging giants are testing the automatic grouping of multiple stickers. They are also incorporating options that will allow users to add stickers on media that users will be sharing and this will include image files.

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