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A Few Quick Ways to Get Eyes on Your Blog

Blogging is the internet’s fastest source to all things informational since library cards. Search engine results pages display answers faster than you can locate a call number on a book. Health and fitness, business startups, education and development, and traveling on a budget make the top of the list of blog topics that people search the internet for daily.

An average of two million blog posts hit the web every day. By 2020, an estimated 31.7 million users are expected to blog on the internet. In a digital world where the brightest ideas, tips, guides, and How-Tos dominate, how do you get people to notice yours?

Getting your blog noticed requires more than just building it and waiting for the link to show up on Google. There’s a formula to building traffic—a method of gathering a strong following.

Here’s a quick guide to getting your blog noticed.

Create Relevant Content

Unique ideas establish credibility but it’s relevancy that builds a brand. People are attracted to ideas they can relate to.  Whatever your idea, make the presentation pertinent to modern-day.

There are a few ways in which to target your audience with solid, relevant content.

  1. Make the content practical. Practical information is content everyone can you use. Usable content is valuable content. When you create useful material, people find it worth sharing.
  2. Your content should fill a need for your audience, meaning it should offer them a solution. Does it define something that’s missing in their everyday life? And, is it an alternative for something similar?
  3. Keep it current. People love to see real-life examples of new concepts. Give them content that’s for everyday use.

Make sure you research your idea well and gather impressions that are going to help you engage with an audience through relatable content.

Make SEO Work for You on Google

While focusing on great content is the way to start, you need to work another angle to get people to see it. Google likes to reward bloggers who have good ideas to share. It does this through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a cool way of getting Google to recognize your work and rank it higher on the list when someone searches for a word or phrase that may be on your blog. The result is more traffic and getting your blog noticed.

Here’s the simple of it:

  • Strategically place keyword/phrases throughout your content without overusing it.
  • Network with other sites by guest posting with hopes of generating quality backlinks.

Before you launch your blog, set up a Search Engine Optimization plan. Blogging without an SEO strategy is the first ingredient for the recipe on how not to get your blog noticed.

Utilize Social Media

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, there are more than 3.8 billion users on social media—most of which are teens. That’s potential for hundreds of millions of potential followers for your blog. Utilize them.

Most web domains allow site owners to link to their social media accounts to the web pages. This front-end advantage allows visitors who are funneled into your site through Google, or other search engines, to share your content to their social media pages, using hashtags to boost the notice.

All of these apps encourage users to set up profiles. In these profiles, users can add the link to their blogs or links to specific blog content. Prior to sharing your content on social media, add the link to your blog in your profiles to increase traffic.

Further, apps such as Instagram and Facebook are interrelated, meaning users can share content from one app directly to the next. That’s double the exposure.

Guest Blogging

Another great way to get your site noticed is through guest blogging. Guest blogging is allowing other bloggers to write site-specific content for your website. The tradeoff is the they write high-quality content for your site in exchange for building their own writing portfolio. As an incentive, they receive links to their own blog.

This also works for you. Search for popular sites that offer guest posting and pitch a post idea to them. Most sites have specific guidelines, but the main goal is to be able to link back to your blog at least once or twice in the article.  Here are a few basics on how to guest post.

  • Find a relevant site with a nice-sized audience. Check out their social media pages to get a feel for the type of content their followers like to share.
  • It the site doesn’t already have specific guidelines in place to guest post, introduce yourself to the owner of the site and pitch an idea. If they do, follow the guidelines to the letter and wait to hear back.
  • If your post is accepted, share the link everywhere, including linking it to as many posts on your site as possible to generate a back and forth.

When designing your site, create a tab and guidelines for guest blogging. Then get ready to network.

Getting your blog noticed takes creativity, strategy, and networking. The only traffic that matters is the traffic you target. Set a goal for your blog. Is it strictly informational or do you have future plans to go commercial? Example, a food and recipe blog that sells cookbooks and cookware. Whatever the desire, remember, your blog is only as good as the content you create, how you share it, and how you build it through optimization and networking.


Author Bio:

Naomi C. Kellogg is an emerging screenwriter, content writer, and novelist who writes fiction, nonfiction, and dramas. She’s written for a national magazine, runs a blog, and heads the communications department for a 501c3 corporation. Naomi has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing and is a member of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), St. Petersburg Chapter, where she plans to mentor young African-American females who aspire to write. – naomickellogg.com

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