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Amazing Phone Codes for Both Android and iPhone Users

These days, everyone has a mobile phone in their back pocket. However, only a few people know about the hidden opportunities available by pressing specific keys combination.


There are many of these codes; some of them work with all phone models while some only works in specific models nevertheless these codes allow you to try out new cool and useful functions with your mobile device. We’ve gathered some valuable codes that will unlock some secret functions of your phone.

How to get your phone’s IMEI number

IMEI is a unique number for your phone that can be incredibly useful in a lot of case; for example, if someone steals your phone, knowing your phone’s IMEI number allows you to easily block your phone from your service provider network if necessary. Exciting, isn’t it? So, how do we get this code?

To get your phone’s IMEI number is quite easy, just dial *#06# by dialing this code on your mobile device, you can see your International Mobile Equipment Identity number or IMEI for short. This code works for all phones including iPhone and Android.

How to turn on/off your number identity

The code *#30# allows you to turn your number identification on or phone. If you want to hide your number identity and prefer to go incognito for some time, simply dial *#30#. You can also find out the number identification of the person calling you if he or she didn’t turn off their number identity before calling you. However, this code only works on iPhones.

Statistics and Secret Menu

This code *#*#4636#*#* has various functions depending on your device; if you have an android phone, you can use this code to check for Battery, CPU uses statistics as well as your Wi-Fi signal. Each of these selections has varieties of options, for example, in battery statistics you can find out the temperature, and of course level. This code is also useful for Motorola users; it can open up a secret menu on the phone.

Disabling outgoing calls

Do you know you can disable any outgoing calls on your iPhone with just a code? Sometimes it very necessary to disable outgoing calls especially when your little ones are fiddling with your phone. So if you want to try it, simply dial *33*# on your iPhone, and you can also turn it off by dialing *33*PIN*#

Hide your number in outgoing calls

This function works for both Android and iPhone users, which is great; simply dial #31# to hide your number when you want to call someone.

Instant factory reset code

With this code *#*#*7780#*#* all android users can return their smartphone to factory settings. Your phone will remove Google account settings as well as data and settings. However, this combination is irreversible; do not use it without a good reason.

Full reinstallation

You can always reset all of your settings at once if you want everything to be wiped off immediately by dialing *2767*3855# you are not only removing your phone files and settings but also reinstalling. Once again think of the action before doing it because there is no way back. This code is exclusive to Android users.


Better communication

This function is available only for iPhone users; *3370# it turns on your EFR code, it improves the quality of your communication but reduces battery life, unfortunately. So, by using this code, you are drastically reducing the life of your battery. However, you can always deactivate this code by pressing the same code *3370#

Straight to voicemail

We do need the alone time sometimes and receiving calls might just be annoying; well there is a faster way to move all incoming calls to voicemail. iPhone users can turn on the call forwarding option by typing *#21#, and that’s all. Pretty simple, isn’t it? You can always turn it off by dialing the same number when you are ready to pick up your phone.

You can listen to yourself

*#*#8351#*#* enables you to listen to the recordings of voice during the last twenty phone calls; you can do it just for fun or when you need to refresh your memory. This function is available to Android users only.

Service center number

iPhone users can easily find out the number of their current service provider when in need by simply pressing *#5005*7672#. This is an excellent way of connecting to your service provider instead of scrolling through the limitless numbers in your cell phone.

Turn off your device in a flash

Do you just want to turn off your cell phone without going through the options? There is a simple code for Android users to turn off the device quickly; dialing *#*#7594#*#* will turn off your device easily without showing the airplane mode, Reboot, Screenshot and Power off options.

Signal information

iPhone users are going to love this; there is an interesting option that is available for your device. Graphics mode is not always correct in showing the level of the signal that is why it is preferable to turn on the numeric mode. You simply tap in *3001#12345#* and then press and hold power until the “power off slider” appears then release power and press home.

Now you see your signal in DBA. Note that -140 DBA is the worst signal you can have and -40 is the best. To leave numeric code, tap the same code and press home to enter.

Call waiting

We all have busy and stressful days when we just can’t keep up with everything that is happening. For some of us, multiple calls and messages are basically an essential part of their everyday lives. If you are in this group of people and an iPhone user, there is a combination that will make your daily life less stressful.

Simply dial *43# to enable the call waiting on your device; it means you will be notified when someone is calling you, and you are already on hold. Call waiting also let you pick the new call right away, and if you want to go back you can always turn it off by pressing #43#

Quick service menu

This function is exclusive to all Samsung users; you can have quick access to your service menu, simply dial *#0011#. It allows you to explain the service mode and get access to information you may need.


There you have it; amazing phone codes for both Android and iPhone users. Which of these codes do you find useful? Provide your answers in the comment box below. You can also check out 10 Super cool features you need to know about your mobile phone.



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