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Amazon Rolling Out Collaborative Wishlist For Everyone

Tech and retail giant Amazon is rolling out one of its most requested feature, the ‘Collaborative Lists‘ which lets users build wishlists with their family members and friends.


The Collaborative List feature has been in beta testing for a selected group of users since July and now the company has been deemed it fit to be released for all users as the company announced on Friday.

‘With this new feature, planning and shopping on Amazon is made even easier,.

‘…All you need to collaborate is your own Amazon account.’
‘Collaborative Lists on Amazon minimize coordinating efforts so you don’t have to wonder if anyone bought a cooler for that upcoming camping trip,’ the firm explained.

‘All you have to do is add it to your collaborative camping trip list, and once it’s purchased, voila!’

Users who are invited to a collaborative list can immediately view it if they’re already signed into an Amazon account. If not, it will prompt you to sign in or create an account.


People shared on a list can add or remove products, comment on products added to the list, make suggestions and buy items directly from the list, Amazon noted.

How To make a collaborative list?

Calloborative List

  1. Navigate to ‘Accounts & Lists.’ near the right-hand corner of the screen on a desktop computer or toggle the menu on Amazon app
  2. Click on ‘Your Lists’ and create a Wish List, Shopping List or Idea List.
  3. Select the button that says ‘Invite.’
  4. Users can either copy the link or send it to others using email, text message and apps like Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Recipients need to be signed into Amazon in order to view the list.
  6. From there, everyone can add items to the list, start a conversation, view the list’s history and more.
    To add others to a list, click the Invite button. Pictured is the tool in the app
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