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Home News Android 9 Pie Officially Unveiled: Features, Supported Devices Revealed

Android 9 Pie Officially Unveiled: Features, Supported Devices Revealed

Android 9 Pie is now official and also the latest version of the Android OS, which can only be found available for five smartphones worldwide. Concerning overall UI elements and features, the new OS has a significant change, and with this OS version, Android should be able to tackle the fragmentation issue with the help of Project Treble.

Android 9 Pie supported devices

  • Google Pixel
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel XL
  • Essential Phone

Though more smartphones like the Nokia 7 Plus, One plus 6, Xiaomi Mi A2, Moto G6 are likely to receive android 9 pie OTA update in the next few weeks. However, none of these OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) has given the exact time for the Android 9 Pie update.

Top Android 9 Pie features

  • Adaptive brightness which will automatically toggle between the brightness depending on the external environment, which in turn saves a lot of juice.
  • The adaptive battery will allow the smartphone to last longer on a single charge using. In this case, the battery will learn the pattern of app usage and will also preserve accidental battery discharge.
  • To improve the smartphone’s usage, it will be using the App Actions to predict the next move of the user. It automatically opens a playlist whenever a user connects his headphone.
  • With the newly introduced one key navigation button and a redesigned recent tray, there’s so much visual design change found on the Android 9 Pie. There’s also an option where the user can go back to the three button navigation if the one button navigation isn’t convenient for them. This can be done from the navigation menu.
  • Using the digital well-being app, a user can track the exact amount of time they have spent on each app, which will help the user to cut down usage of the smartphone, though currently, this feature is only available on the Google Pixels series of smartphones. With this feature, a user can set a time limit on different apps, and after reaching its threshold, the icon of the app will turn into grey colour, which indicates that you have exhausted the time meant for the app.
  • The feature Slices will bring in more context of an app. In a Google search, if you search for Uber, the result of the search will also contain your office and home address (depending on the frequency of commute).
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