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Best 5 Offline Action Games for Android in 2020

No matter what kind of hardware you have, whether a low-end or high-end laptop or an android phone with the coolest specs, you will never be able to see its full capacity, not until you have had the best offline action games played on it.

Action games are must-have for everyone with the excitement they come with and the challenges that call for a regular phone upgrade to enjoy them to the fullest.

Apart from the high entertainment and endless opportunity that every action game fan enjoys, games in this genre have been proved to act as therapies as they stimulate the mind and get the brain active throughout the play that requires the players’ full attention and awareness, but most of these games require a lot of bargain.

You can only play some of them online while you have to pay for them to have them installed on your android phone.

The worst experience is to buy an online action game and find out it doesn’t worth your data, how then can you be sure of downloading the best offline action games for your Android phone?

No, you don’t need to wrap your head around every false reviews and outdated articles online because I have done all the findings and have got you a legit list of the must-download best offline action games for Android of the year.

See below a full detail of the top most exciting action games you can download offline to save your data while having all the fun on your side.

SoulCraft Action RPG

SoulCraft Action RPG

SoulCraft Action RPG has a well-developed idea that blends with the most attractive graphics keeping the game alive wherever you want it installed on your android device. The RPG game was designed around a fiction about human, demons, and angels.

The whole story starts with the angels and demons making a treaty to destroy mankind with their power which rang an alarm on the human that started discovering how their intelligence can help them overcome the two powerful enemies.

Now the future of humanity rests on your fingers, are you going to be on the side of the angels, demons or human? Luckily you are not fighting for this noble cause empty-handed, there are so many hidden weapons and magic to be harnessed but you need to discover them on your own.

Each level task you with more difficult fight and you will need to get some items and equipment collected for you to get your strength into fullness and your skills sharpened for the sword and spell fight.

Are you ready to fight from Egypt to Rome, Hamburg and other countries? The most interesting update we have received so far on this game is that it will soon be available for multiplayer, so you can play this most exciting offline action game played with your friends in the gaming world.

Inotia 4

Inotia 4

Some few months back, the Inotia 3 took over every screen, receiving all the attention and highest rated gameplay because of the idea it was built around and the deep graphics that bring the Inotia 3 to life.

This time, the developers have overdone themselves by bringing out the best of the Inotia series through the Inotia 4. The game is a combination of arcade and strategy with a most daring touch of action that makes you drain all your juices without giving you a notice. It works on any android version and also on some iOS devices.

In the Inotia 4, you are surrounded by a lot of evil and will get trapped if you are not smart enough to put your skills into the most perfect use. With a lot of monsters fighting you from every side, you and your team can’t win some of the fights alone even with the smartest strategy, dead end?

No, you have got to pump your allies and make them fight side by side with you under your control. Most of the time, you get overpowered by a small band of powerful monsters, this is the time you need your allies most to get yourself never stuck in a stage or level.

Are you ready to play in real time? Then grab your weapons and fight your enemies into the deepest of darkness as you lead your allies into victory.



Get yourself in Mourgard’s shoes in the action-filled Dawnbringer. The game feature you as Mourngard who just arrived from a journey to find his whole possession in ruin and his wives and children dead.

Among the things you get to discover as you move from location to location is the leader of the evil force that has brought pain to Mourgard’s household who is no one but his own blood brother. Fight through the thick lines of monster and the forest till you meet the evil leader.

Is your sword skill enough to give you victory or will you need to sharpen your spells too? The control of this one-on-one fight game is so simple even when using the spells.

The graphics are so rich that you will almost forget you are playing it on a phone as it seems to appear like one of those powerful games played on high-end laptops that require graphics card.

Overkill 3

Overkill 3

We all enjoyed the last drop on the overkill series, but this one comes with more fun on every Android phone.

Robots are everywhere, and the entire security organization is down, no CIA, no FBI, just a world torn apart by robots.

Just the right time for a hero to show his superpowers, will you grab this opportunity to show your skills around animations and send back the robots to wherever they come from? Download the overkill 3 which is among the top action games with the best graphics.



This one will almost make you feel like you are playing around a promising version in the walking dead series. Play as Joe and wipe clean the world and save the survival scattered around every difficult to locate places with a lot of zombies to kill.

The game is full of tension, so get your sit belt tightened and push through the crowd of zombies aiming for your flesh and bring the world back to its fit.

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