9 Best Qi Wireless Chargers to Buy in 2019

The technology world is tilting away from anything that has to do with wires. I think that’s the ultimate goal of any tech product manufacturer. The world is going wireless.

Wireless mouse, wireless keyboards, wireless this and wireless that. All are trying to embrace the new trend and propel technology to the nearest future possible.

Today, we are going to discuss the new wireless charge technology. It’s not new per say, it has been around since the late 19th century, when electricity pioneer, Nikola Tesla demonstrated magnetic resonant coupling which is the ability to transmit electricity through the air by creating a magnetic field between two circuits, being a transmitter and a receiver.

But, while being as old as your late great-grandmother, it is one of the new trends that’s taking over the mobile phone technology industry in our present 21st century, and it can only be found on new flagship phones. So, that’s where the idea of “NEW” came to be.

Before we continue with the post, let me take a few lines from the next paragraph to give you a brief overview of how the wireless technology works.

It’s quite a different ball game from how wireless headphones work, which I covered here.

Another name for wireless charging is “inductive charging”

The most common wireless charging technology in use today on smartphones works by using an electromagnetic field between two copper coils which greatly limits the distance between a device and a charging pad. This technique is the one Apple had used on iPhone 8 and iPhone X and that’s their first implementation of wireless charging technology into an Apple smartphone.

How Wireless Charging Works

According to David Green, a research manager with HIS Markit, there are three types of wireless charging. While the one I mentioned above is the most common, two other types still exist.

There are charging pads that use tightly-coupled electromagnetic inductive or non-radiative charging; there’s this one that uses charging bowls or through-surface type chargers that use loosely-coupled or radiative electromagnetic resonant charging that can transmit a charge a few centimeters away. Then, finally, we have the uncoupled radio frequency (RF) wireless charging that allows a trickle charging capability at distance of many feet.

All methods and types work solely on the same principle of physics, which has to do with a time-varying magnetic field inducing a current in a closed loop of wire (Electromagnetic induction)

With wireless chargers onboard, everybody’s hatred for wires is growing to tremendous heights. You may have heard of so many wireless charging standards, charging pads and stands.

The truth is that, any Qi charger, new or old cheap or expensive will do a great job in charging your smartphone, but not all chargers are created equal, but there are some things you need to consider while buying a wireless charger; things like form factor, materials it was made from, size and how fast it can be able to charge your phone.

We’ve gone through and tested so many wireless Qi charging pads and here we are with a list of the best so far. We have done the hard work for you.

QI Standard. The Future of wireless charging

There are numerous wireless charging standards and Qi is just one of them. Being the most common and vastly used, it has competitors like PMA, and others. But when Apple embraced the Qi standard while implementing the wireless charging technology into their iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Qi became the go-to standard when talking about wireless charging.

Today, other standards are slowly dying off, with some adding support for Qi standard because, they are certain, Qi is the future of wireless charging technology. Below are 9 wireless chargers you can buy for your devices.

RAVPower Fast Wireless Pad

RAVPower Fast Wireless Pad

RavPower is one of the more popular charging accessory companies around. The device is well designed for a fairly quick charge, bearing quite a professional look. With the competitor like Anker on its neck in the battery pack (power bank) market, wall chargers, and cables, RAVPower is trying its best to be at the top in this wireless charging market.

RAVPower charging pad is a solid metal case that offers good grip so your phone won’t move. There is a LED lamp on the side that gives charging status. It differentiates between standard charge and fast charging by pulsing orange and green lights respectively.

Pricing is quite expensive more than you will get other wireless chargers from other brands. But RAVPower still has specifications narrowed down to compete with the other companies for customers with less budget, but they are not fast chargers and cannot be compared with the former.

The RAVPower Fast charge outputs up to 10W of power, being enough to speed charge any smartphone battery. In comparison, Samsung’s quick charging is 9W and Apple is 7.5W.

One downside with RAVPower is that it’s a single coiled charger which means that you need to be very accurate when placing your smartphone on the pad. Available for your purchase on Amazon (aff).

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Even Samsung has been making its own wireless chargers for a while now. Theirs has a rubber ring on the top which allows it to hold even glass-backed phones in place better than some other Qi chargers, ensuring that your handset stays properly aligned for charging.

Samsung Fast Charge wireless charging supports Samsung’s 9W fast charging. It comes with its own power USB charger to power the pad. And Samsung warns against using another charger that’s not the one the pad came with out of the box.

Pricing starts at $40 and scales up. It’s also a single coiled charger. But, it’s both larger and taller when compared to RAVPower. Sold on Amazon.

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

The company’s generic 15W pad will work with any device that supports Qi wireless charging. However, the 7.5W model is specifically built for the latest iPhone models. The Belkin pad is a bit larger than some competitors, but if size isn’t an issue, this could be a good choice to charge up your phone. Buy now on Amazon.

Ikea RIGGAD Work Lamp

Ikea RIGGAD Work Lamp

What do you keep on your bedside table? If you have the Ikea Riggad work lamp, it will be the perfect object to leave on your bedside because it doubles as both a lamp and a wireless charger. This Ikea lamp combines two in one” a stylish lamp and the Qi standard charging pad. Just put your phone on your bedside lamp and it’s charging.

Choetech Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

Choetech Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

The Choetech fast charge is a really nice Fast Qi wireless charging stand that holds your phone vertically and glows green to indicate it is charging the phone.

Unfortunately, Qi Wireless charging is not as fast as doing direct cable connection, but its goal is to lift the stress of having to look for your USB charger before charging your phone. It is ideal to just set your phone to charge overnight without fumbling away your time looking for your charger. Get it on Amazon (aff).

Other Good Qi chargers include;

It makes a lot of sense to understand what you are going to buy before you actually buy it. It’s a lot of stress to worry so much after you’ve spent your money ignorantly to pay for a product then realizing or discovering a better product that would have served you better and is of the same price tag.

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