Best Supplies to Spice Up Your Office

Just because you have to go to work every day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with it. For many of us who do not have the opportunity to work from home, you can always spice things up.

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You don’t need to spend time and energy remodeling your office; any of the items listed below are capable of turning your blandly day to an exciting day. Change the grey walls and lackluster carpets into a listless office space with the following office supplies;

Tape Dispensers

Slow down…before you scream “what’s so special about tape dispenser?” there are one hundred and one super cute dispensers you that will brighten up your day, but these two tape dispensers will definitely turn your frown upside down especially for soccer and animal lovers;

  1. SN0260 soccer tape dispenser
  2. Otter tape dispenser



What better fun way to learn about different countries other than getting the Senders 6Inch Floating Globe with LED Lights Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map for Desk Decoration (Blue,6Inch) for your office desk? Check out the key features below;

  • Automatic Rotation: Magnetic Levitation And Rotation Globe
  • This high tech gadget also comes with a LED light feature that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark
  • Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system, An excellent desk decoration
  • A remarkable high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy
  • Warranty: One year

You can also get the Senders Floating Globe with LED Lights C Shape Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map for Desk Decoration (Black-Silver)

Key features:

  • It floats and rotates in midair
  • LED light; it’s super cool when turned on in the
  • It can be operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system.
  • Made for all ages
  • Warranty: One year

Magnetic Bookends with Samurai Sword Design

Show a bit of your daredevil side by getting the magnetic bookends with samurai sword design; it will scare the Heebie-jeebies out of your colleagues especially during Halloween. Everyone will be so surprised to see this bookend; it is actually made up of plastic; it looks sharp and real.

Extra Hand

Need an extra hand to hold your pens? Get this freaky extra hand office supply to “fun” up your desk.

Pens with weird inscriptions

Are you tired of lending your pens without getting them back? Check out these odd pens with inscriptions no one would keep.

Solar-powered Rainbow Maker

Who says you can’t be different? Bring color to your office by adding the Solar-powered rainbow maker this 2018. No matter how gloomy your day is, just a glimpse of heaven’s color will take the frown away.

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Portable speakers

Why wait until the close of the day before listening to your favorite jam? Get these super awesome portable speakers, anywhere and everywhere you go.

Pen-sized scanner

Have you ever wished to be a spy? Do you want to Collect data with a pen? This fantastic scanner/pen is just what you need to feel awesome. It transforms hard copies into digitals; it helps you to scan physical items such as text blocks, and pictures and makes them digital on a USB. Be the 007 in your office and get this cool spy pen.

Trash cans

Just because it is called trash can’t be creative with it; there are beautiful trash cans that will turn your office from a big mess to a more coordinated office. Check out cute office trash cans here.

Panda staplers

Bring more excitement to the table by getting these office/home Panda staplers– especially if you are a big fan of pandas.

Healthy Snacks

You saw it coming, isn’t it? Your desk isn’t complete without a pack of healthy snacks. Snacks endear your colleagues to your table; so if you are trying to make more friends, get snacks and watch as they flock around your desk.

Keeping snacks around helps you to “survive” the dreary days. However, it is necessary to eat healthy meals. SnackNation provides healthy snacks for both offices and home purposes. You can choose from the wide varieties of SnackNation healthy snacks

Organic Bars

Some days we just rushed down to the office without eating breakfast; you don’t have to worry you have SnackNation’s yummy organic Go Macro Peanut Butter protein bar, and Caveman Dark Chocolate Nutrition Bar will do the trick

Krave Lime Beef Jerky & Oodies Chicken Jerky

SnackNation jerky can fill you while you work through lunch, it gives you a satisfying, yet healthy feeling.


Oogies’ Popcorn, Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips, and Veggie Crisps will satisfy your salty cravings the healthy way.

Granola & Trail Mix

You just can’t get enough of healthy snacks to eat in case you missed breakfast? A Cascadian Farms Honey-Oat Granola Bar or a bag of Seven Sundays Unsweetened Muesli can also do the trick.

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Extra Healthy Snacks

Enjoy the satisfaction of eating pistachios, almonds, broad bean crips or lentils chips the healthy way. You can order your healthy snack right here.

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