Blogging in Modern Times

There are plenty of people who are still interested in monetizing their new or older blogs. Blogging is certainly still a viable income source in the modern world.

There is a lot of material online, and therefore a lot of competition. However, plenty of people are still up for that level of competition these days. They just have to make sure that they know how to use all of the available tools to their advantage.

WordPress is a good free blogging platform that people can use today. Spending money on web hosting is generally not a good idea. People in this situation will often be in a situation where they have a lot of debt to pay back before they even start earning money blogging.

Having zero expenses in the beginning makes more sense. Paid web hosting is not going to help people build up a following or earn any real money. It just guarantees that they are going to spend money in the beginning.

Social media marketing and other marketing techniques online can help people develop an audience and reach potential customers. They need to focus on this as opposed to anything to do with paid web hosting and some of the flashier web design services.

Some of the most successful blogs online today are also some of the most basic ones in terms of their appearance and everything else about them. The important thing is the content and the nature of the topic that the creators of the blog managed to choose in the first place.

Deciding on a Blogging Topic


If people really want to be able to monetize their blogs, they really can’t just choose any blogging topic. Joining an affiliate program and doing affiliate marketing is one of the best ways of making money blogging these days.

Some people might be able to supplement that using the Google AdSense program. However, this isn’t going to work well for the people who write about very esoteric topics.

In order to get good SEO, people will often need to use long-tail keywords that will allow them to narrow down the topic somewhat.

However, the topic itself still needs to relate to something that is lucrative and broad enough that it can make people money. It has to be something that people will search for as a matter of course.

People go online to search for a lot of things, and that does include entertainment. However, most people who blog about movies and similar types of entertainment will do it for free. The people who want to be able to make money blogging about something fun like that will need to build up a huge following of their own first.

They will also typically need to monetize it on Patreon or a similar source that will allow people to make money as artists. This is certainly possible today, but it is hard to do, and a lot of famous online reviewers and bloggers already have a lot of the potential audience for something like that.

The people who are specifically trying to make money with blogging should just try to find the topics that are particularly lucrative. They can spread a lot of information on their social media accounts related to the topic in question, making it easier for people to be able to attract an audience or establish themselves as experts.

Most of the popular blog topics that will really help people earn money will relate to the tech field. Many people who try to make money blogging will also write about specific products, or they will do product reviews in general. Some people will try to write news articles.


People who want to create blogs for fun can write about anything. The people who are specifically interested in monetizing their blogs will be much more limited. It is still possible for many people today to make money blogging. However, they still have to do it correctly.

Marketing, especially on social media, is one of the most important parts of making money blogging. Choosing the right topic and the right method of monetizing the blog is what’s important in the early days of the process.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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