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Cellphone Tracking App – TheOneSpy Review

Technology has provided numerous and un-countable services to the mankind. The cell phones are one of the major and amazing inventions of the last century. People use these contemporary gadgets for several important reasons. It is been invented for the purpose of communication initially in the formed voice and after that in text messages.

In the modern times, this particular cell phone technology has introduced plenty of extra communicational tools that even allow a user to make free calls, text messages, shared media files and even play the online games when a gadget is connected to the cyberspace.

Moreover, all the activities as we have mentioned earlier can be performed through social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, and others and these apps can be downloaded on the phones. On the other hand, these cell phone devices are being used by everyone by most importantly in youth, employees and the people that are in relationships.

Therefore, people have to monitor these cell phone gadgets to protect teens from online dangers, employees to keep an eye on their activities within the working hours and spouses that want to have the additional eye on their partners respectively. How can they spy on the kids & teens, employees and spouses’ cell phone devices? The answer is pretty simple again use the technology in the shape of TOS cell phone spying software.

A short introduction of TOS cell phone tracking app

It is basically cell phone & computer monitoring software that allow a user to monitor the android, IOS, windows and blackberries and further enables a user to track the windows and MAC machines.

But TOS cell phone spying is known as the best for the cell phone spying. It allows user to track the each and every single activity happen on the phone to the fullest. It provides users all traditional and non-traditional features for spying phones.

The best thing that separates it from the rest of monitoring tool is its reasonable price, friendly customer care representatives, user-friendly interface, easy installation process, reasonable price and last but not the least the efficiency and accuracy of its more than 250 features.

Let’s discuss all of its robust features that are best for spouse monitoring, employee monitoring and kids tracking.

Features of TheOneSpy Tracking Software

Text messages spy

A user can view all the text messages sent and received from kids and teens, employees and of your spouse by using the cell phone spying software text messages spy. A user can also get their hands on MMS, BBW chat messages and last but not the least heads up and tickers notification.

Spy on calls

If you are looking for spying on the calls on your target cell phone, a user has to use the call spy of the monitoring app for the cell phone in order to listen to it and then record it further on the online web. A user will have a prof and they can present to the target person if needed.

GPS location tracker

A user can track the location of the phone of kids and teens, employees and spouses whenever you want with the help of mobile tracing spyware. It allows user to track the current location of the target phone, location history, weekly location history and it further empowers a user to set the preferences to the user to set safe and restricted places for the cell phone user.

Browsing History

A user can view the websites and apps visited by the employees, kids, and spouses to the fullest. It further enables a user to track the bookmarked websites and the websites a user visit frequently.

Screen Recording

A user can use the screen recording of the cell phone monitoring app it allows user to record the screen of the target mobile activities. A user can do the live screen recording of the chrome recording, IM’s screen recording, YouTube screen recording, password chaser, SMS screen recording and last but not the least Gmail screen recording.

Bug their phone

A user can record and listen to the surrounds sounds and conversations by using the MIC bug, a further user can make short videos of the surrounds with the help of back and front camera with the help of spyvidcam bug and user can also capture the surrounds through camera bug of the cell phone tracking spyware.

IM’s monitoring

It allows user to get their hands on the IM’s logs, IM’s conversations, IM’s chats, audio and video calls and shared media files such as photos and videos. A user can also listen to the voice messages of the cell phone spying app.

Email tracking

A user can also view the sent and received emails of the Gmail with the help of email tracker of the smartphone monitoring software.


TheOnSpy spying app for android is the one and the only tool of its kind that allow parents, employers, and spouses to track the phone of the young kids and teens, employees and spouses.

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