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Chrome Allows You To Browse Without Internet

The new Google Chrome update allows netizens to browse when there is no internet, this feature is made available to Android users in the new Chrome update to make sure web users can still access their favorite articles anytime.


Launched for Android users in 100 countries including Nigeria, Brazil, and India, accessing contents wouldn’t be much of a problem.

How It Works?

When you’re connected to free, unmetered WiFi, Google Chrome will automatically download relevant web articles, based on what content is most popular in your location. In Nigeria, we will be expecting to see contents in sports and entertainment. The Android devices will only download the relevant web content as per users’ preferences and it will be available for the users alongside all the other downloaded media for access without an Internet connection.

If you’re signed into Google Chrome, you’ll likely get articles that are relevant to you, based on your browsing history as Chrome will use your browsing history to download the relevant articles as per your location and interests.

Google has been trying extremely hard to make internet available in the remote areas with poor or no internet connectivity. As per reports, the new feature saves up to 70 percent of your data. These new efforts are aimed at developing countries like Nigeria. Chrome’s inbuilt data saver is additionally one such effort from the corporation. The feature claims to save lots of up to seventy percent of your data.

With data saver mode on, Chrome downloads the content that it assumes has relevancy. Once the Data Saver is on, most of the online traffic goes through Google servers before being downloaded to it explicit device. Google servers compress it, therefore, less information gets downloaded to your device.

Google also has an app named Datally that is dedicated to saving data, giving user privacy via guest mode, controlling data using data limits etc. The new update will be available in the latest version of Chrome on Android in Google Play Store.

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