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Disk Space – How Much Do You Need?

Disk space is a vital ingredient for any website and in today’s web hosting industry; it is often one of the hottest feature that is being discussed. If you have a huge amount of disk space, you can upload a lot of images, videos onto your server and have it used on your website.

Having said that, this is why many providers promote to their customers advising them to get a huge amount of disk space. The question is, how much disk space do you need? To know how much you need, you should first understand how the file size is measured.

Files are measured in bytes and one byte of data allows you to put a character on your screen. So, when you have 1024 bytes, it means you have 1 megabyte. This measurement is how your graphics are mostly measured in. Therefore, before deciding on how much disk space you need, try to calculate the sizes of all your files and add them up. Then, you could know just how much of space you need.

Calculating the size of your files is very easy. Just go to the root folder and right click it. By doing so, it will inform you of the size and also the number of files in it. Information about your site can also be obtained by using tools such as FrontPage.

It tells you how much space you are using for your website and you can compare it with the amount of space given to you by your provider. Therefore, you can see how much you are using. If you are only using 5MB of space and is paying for 100GB a month. Then you have clearly paid for too much disk space.

The idea is to get a comfortable amount of space for your website. You don’t want to have the exact amount or have too much. You must also consider about the future when your website expands and grows. Therefore, it is always best to allocate more space in the beginning instead of upgrading.

1GB of space would be an ideal solution as it has the space for your website to well design and also plenty for expansion.Looking for reliable hosting services? For those who are starting off in the web hosting, I would recommend you to check out on their hosting plan as I believe they are one of the best.


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