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Home Gadgetry Do you NEED a Smartwatch?

Do you NEED a Smartwatch?

Read that again. Are we all buying smartwatches because we need them? Or do we just want them? Because many of us fall into the latter category. We all agree that we are never satisfied with what we spend our money on.

Maybe for a month or so, but the second something better gets introduced into the market, the itch begins again. While smart watches have been around for a while now, with Samsung and Android having their models on the market shelves, Apple managed to focus all the spotlight on this device when it launched its smartwatch.

Smartwatches and Smart bands – Why Do You Need Them?

The craze for the smartwatches has been palpable now, and many of us are left wondering whether they really need a smartwatch in their lives? Will it make their lives easier? Will it help save time?

The answer to this is an overwhelming YES! If you are flooded with texts, notifications and emails throughout the day and instantly have the urge to look at your phone, then the smartwatch can do wonders for you by bringing all that information on your wrist.

With a single swipe, you can select which emails can be done away with, which calls have to be answered or returned and whether you need to burn a few more calories before retiring for the day. All that you have to do is just slightly rotate your wrist to know everything that has been happening.

With the size of smartphones getting bigger and bigger, many are finding it tough to place them in their pockets and even if they do fit, taking them out again wouldn’t be less than a pain for them. How do you know when you have to take out your phone or you can let it rest without taking them out in the first place? A smartphone would be the answer that you want in those situations.

However, this does not mean that all of us have hectic professional lives where we simply have to have a look at our phones after every few minutes. If you like a peaceful, slow pace of life where you are not physically attached to your smartphone all the time, then you might not really need a smartwatch. Sure they all look great on the hand and even on your shelf, but if you want to limit your addiction to technology, and frankly, there are quite a few who would like that, then think twice before getting one for yourself.

Sure, most of the people get it for two main things – looks and health. While the main purpose of these watches are to keep you on top of your professional etiquettes, it is generally bought for its captivating looks and how it helps you keep a track of your fitness levels throughout the day.

Think about it.

The watch can be on your wrist 24X7, monitoring your heart beat and pulse rate, the steps you have covered and the number of hours you spent standing. Would it be possible to know all these details with your smartphone? No. Simply because you might not carry it when you excuse yourself to the washroom, or walk to the coffee station in your office, or just like thousands of us, you might just forget to carry it along with you.

You need to decide whether your lifestyle demands one, whether it might help you achieve that ideal weight, whether you love the idea of having that one-hell-of-a-watch adorning your wrist or if you could just live a peaceful life without that watch and spend all the that money on food or travel and make new memories. Because it’s just not about the looks, is it? You do have to pay a hefty price for them.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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