Easy Ways to Restore Lost Messages on Your iPhone Without Backup

Your iPhone is designed to automatically backup your messages and have them stored to the iCloud. However, it is possible for you to disable this feature. Once you disable this feature, you must be very careful about the messages you send and receive because there is no straightforward way for you to get those messages back when you need them.

So what if you accidentally delete important messages from your iPhone and you can’t get them back when you want? Is there any reason for you to panic? The simple answer is no.

You don’t even need to go searching the internet to find out if it’s possible to recover deleted iPhone messages because the solution is provided in this article.

Follow the easy steps provided below for the best result

Step 1

To get back deleted messages from your device you would be required to download a specialized software application that works for this purpose. The name of this software is iMobie phone rescue.

Anybody who wants to recover importance messages that they must have mistakenly deleted must download this software to their computer or laptop. If you use a window or you use a Mac device, it works perfectly on both devices.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the iMobie phone rescue software to your computer, the next thing you would be required to do is connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Once your device is connected to your computer you can then open the application and choose the one out of the three options it would show you on how to retrieve deleted text messages on your iPhone.

The first option you would be given is to recover deleted messages from the iOS device. The seeds method that you would be given is to recover your deleted messages from your iTunes backup then the final option you will be given is to recover text messages from cloud from this three options the one you need to select is the first option, and you can move forward from there that way you can easily retrieve deleted messages.

Step 2

In this next step, a screen would be displayed to you, asking you to select the type of file that you seek to recover. Once you get to that point, what you need to decide is messages, and you can move forward from there.

Once you have selected recover messages, the software will begin to scan your device and usually the process of scanning your phone for deleted messages will take some time (depending on the kind of files that you have stored on your iPhone).

To recover your words, you would need to wait till the scanning process is completed. Once the scanning process is over, you will be able to see all the messages that are available for you to recover, then you can select the ones that are important from the bunch that you were shown.

Also, there are two methods available for you to recover deleted text messages you can even safety copy of the deleted messages to your computer or you can restore them back on your phone.

Depending on your requirements, you can go ahead with any of the options you have chosen. However, it is essential that you know that getting your messages restored back to your phone may not work in all cases. And if you find yourself in such situation, all you have to do is contact support for help.

Supports will help you get all your deleted text messages and recover them to your device, but if you cannot do that you can simply save them on your computer, and you would appear in HTML format.

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