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Epic Games Is Launching A Games Store To Rival Steam

Epic Games, the creator of the trending battle royale action game Fortnite, has decided to take on Steam, GOG and Windows Store with its own Epic Games Store.


According to Games Industry, “The company on Tuesday announced that it will soon open the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform that eschews Steam’s standard 70/30 revenue split to give developers 88% of the revenue their games bring in.”

“The Epic Games Store will debut with “a hand-curated set of games on PC and Mac,” but the company expects to open the store up to more games and platforms throughout next year. The store will offer games built with a variety of engines, but Epic is sweetening the pot a bit for those using its own Unreal Engine in that it will waive all royalties it would otherwise be due for revenue generated through the storefront.”

A lot of developers will be hoping to embrace the change as there are alot of games made with the Unreal Engine nowadays.

Epic Games also hopes to assist Creators who help developers highlighting developers’ games. This is done in the form of “Support-A-Creator” program designed to reward YouTune and Twitch content creators.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said, “Epic’s Support-A-Creator program is key to helping developers reach gamers. Content creators, such as YouTube video makers, Twitch streamers, cosplayers, community builders, and bloggers have become key influencers in gaming.”

“Previously, most creators were not compensated by game developers for their work and instead had to rely on donations. By matchmaking creators with developers, the Epic Games Store makes it easier for players to discover games, and rewards content creators for their efforts,” he added.

Sweeney also has a plan to woo consumers from other stores to Epic Games. “The store will also feature one free game every two weeks throughout 2019. Epic is funding these free releases so players can experience the wide range of creative works that will be available,” he said.

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