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Home Infographic Facebook Ads: The Evolution of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: The Evolution of Facebook Ads

Today, it is true that entrepreneurs (or at least most of them) know the inspiring story of how Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook. However, not many of the entrepreneurs remember the genesis of Facebook ads.

Here, we look at how these ads have developed from when Zuckerberg invented Facebook up until today. It is such an inspirational evolution of events which has inspired many and if you look at it keenly, you will learn one or two ideas.

Generally, Facebook ads have grown and will continue to grow with the growth in technology. How knew an idea that was hatched in the Harvard dorm will end up to literally conquer the world a few years later?

That is the world we find ourselves in and below we have captured the events that summarize the humble begins of Facebook to its current stage. Go through everything and let us know what you think at the end.

Facebook Ads

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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