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Home News Facebook Messenger Lite for Android Officially Expands to Nigeria

Facebook Messenger Lite for Android Officially Expands to Nigeria

Social media platforms are increasingly recognising the need for Lite versions of their apps and websites, and have been launching them for all of their major products. We have all heard of Facebook Lite, the app that’s less than 2MB in size and allows you to enjoy most of the features of the main Facebook app.

Twitter also recently launched Twitter Lite, a stripped-down version of its website which reduces data consumption for users. Now Facebook Messenger Lite, the lite version of the popular messaging app Facebook Messenger has been officially launched in Nigeria.

Facebook Messenger Lite was actually launched officially in October 2016, but I didn’t hear of it till now because it was launched in select emerging markets like Kenya, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and Malaysia at the time. David Marcus, the head of Messenger at Facebook recently announced that the company is expanding the app to 132 more countries, of which Nigeria is a part.

Other countries that Facebook Messenger Lite is newly expanding into include Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, Peru, Morocco, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Algeria, Germany, Italy and Colombia amongst others. 132 countries might seem many to you, but the fact is that many countries like Brazil, China, Cuba, US, UK, New Zealand and many others are yet to get the app officially.

Facebook Messenger Lite Features

So, what do you get from this lite version of Facebook Messenger?

As is obtained with lite versions of heavy apps, Facebook Messenger Lite consumes fewer data and uses a lower percentage of your phone memory (RAM and internal storage). It works best for those in areas with slow internet connections and is just perfect for those with old smartphones with small amounts of RAM and internal storage, and slower processing units.

Here is a summary of the features of Facebook Messenger Lite:

  • Consumes fewer data.
  • Works best for slow internet connections.
  • Consumes lower amounts of RAM and internal memory.

The Facebook Messenger Lite has a similar interface to the Facebook Messenger app and allows you to do most of the things you can do with Messenger like sending and receiving text messages, photos, links and stickers. It even has the same logo as the Messenger app, but with the colours reversed.

How to download and install Facebook Messenger Lite in any country

Facebook Messenger Lite App

The Facebook Messenger Lite is just about 3.5MB in size, so you don’t have to have large amounts of data to download it.

If the app is officially available in your country, you can head over to the Google Play Store and install it without hassles. Otherwise, you can sideload the app by downloading the APK file from the internet and installing it manually.


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