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Facial Recognition: How It Works and More

Facial recognition technology is now widely used in today’s world tech companies like apple, samsung and even facebook not make use of facial recognition technology for their products. One question that a lot of us have been asking ourselves is how exactly does facial recognition technology work.


In this article will be giving you all the valuable information you need to have about how facial recognition actually works. However, before we tell you how it works, it is important that you know what facial recognition is.

What exactly is facial recognition?

As the name implies, facial recognition is simply a program that is designed with the ability to identify, and individuals face using different patterns that are based on the person’s facial contours.

The facial recognition technology has been used majorly for security purposes to enable security agents to verify a person’s identity. In recent times facial recognition has gained a warm acceptance into the tech industry, and now it is not only used for security reasons it is now used in smartphones.

How facial recognition works?

As human beings with eyes that work we are very good at recognising different faces. That is why it is easy for us to identify our friends celebrities our families and even our enemies. We remember these people by storing how their face looks in our memory. We remember exactly how their eyes are, how their ears are, how their nose is, and their entire facial pattern.

When we talk about facial recognition technology, it works almost the same way our eyes and our memory works. How about the facial recognition system doesn’t just run by a few simple lines of code. The facial recognition system works using a larger scale of codes with the help of a powerful algorithm.

The same way once you see a person you store the person’s facial structure in your memory is how the facial recognition system captures the data of the facial process structure. The questions they remain how does it work?

When you use facial recognition systems on your mobile phone, nobody can easily take your phone and unlock it using their own face. With a facial recognition system, the program will read the geometry of a person’s face.

The system searches for key factors such as the distance between a person’s eyes and also the distance from a person’s for her to chin. The facial recognition system software can identify facial landmarks and proceed to create data of the person’s face which is called the official signature.

What is a facial signature?

Official signature is nothing more than a mathematical formula which you can also call a database of known faces.


So whenever a facial recognition system captures the image of a person’s face, it runs a calculation of the data of the individual’s face using significant geometric factors and then creating virtual data. Once the data has been collected the next time the person’s face shows up the facial recognition system goes back to the database and searches the data that matches the face.

Who exactly used facial recognition system?

Facial recognition is a technology that is used by a lot of private organisations and even government as well below are a few examples of people who use the facial recognition system.

The government of the united states of America at the airport: the government of the united states of America have been using facial recognition system for a while now in their airports they use this technology to track travellers so that they can be able to fish out any criminal who might be boarding a flight.

Makers of mobile phones: recent android phones and even apple devices that have been released have the facial recognition feature this is so that users can feel more secure. A lot of people do not like it when their phone is easily accessible to others, and with a facial recognition system, it is almost impossible for somebody else to access your phone without scanning your face first.

Social media websites: a couple of social media websites like popular facebook makes use of algorithms to spot people’s faces when they upload photos on the platform. You probably must have noticed facebook automatically giving you the options of people to tag when you upload a group photo; this is because they make use of facial recognition technology.

We hope that we have been able to answer the questions you probably would have wanted to ask about the facial recognition system. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment below if you have any other tips, you would like to add or if you have further questions you would like to ask. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ella Romena is a content writer, sociologist and Anthropologist who lives in Benin-city.


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