First Xiaomi Store in Chile Has Been Receiving Great Reception

The first Xiaomi physical store in Chile was opened in Santiago on April 27. The 250-square-meter place offers smartphones, wearable devices, smart home supplies and other Xiaomi products. According to Xinhua, the store managed to get 1,500 customers in its first day! Very impressive all things considered.

The Chilean store was mainly another part of Xiaomi’s ongoing global expansion plan. The company began operations in Chile on December 2018, and they’ve been going strong since then. It’s not inaccurate to say that they’ve been doing well in the country, and this store is proof of that.

“Our users don’t just buy products; they become part of a global community. Common interests unite us, and we care about taking care of that relationship, as if it were with close friends,” said Felipe Villalobos, a social media manager with Xiaomi Chile.

One month later, Xiaomi now has 130 products available in Chile, including cellphones, security cameras, computers, robot vacuums, bicycles, electric scooters, and accessories. The company’s expansion over in Chile has been nothing if not impressive. The Latin American market is crucial and attractive for the brand – especially Chile, “a country that tends to adopt new technologies very rapidly”, a brand communication said.

As of now, Xiaomi plans to open six more physical stores in the country with their all their latest devices. On top of this, the company also wants to introduce the Mi Home ecosystem to Chile soon, which will be quite exciting to see. Xiaomi is taking an aggressive approach to expansion, and it’ll be interesting to see how it pans out for them.