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Framed – The Android Puzzle Game You’ve Been Looking For

Most Android games are free to try – if not completely free – but Framed makes a difference by being one of the few successful paid apps on the Google Play store. So, what is it that makes framed work?

Framed is a puzzle game where you rearrange the panels to change the outcome of the story and make sure your spy does not get caught by the police. A multi award winning game, it has a comic book setting where the game play develops into a narrative.

The spy has a briefcase which he runs around. The player has to make sure that the spy is not caught by constantly changing the frames. As the game progresses the level of difficulty increases which leaves the player engrossed in the game.

The game costs $4.99 to buy at the app store.


Framed has a variety of features which makes this game exciting and interesting. The features are:


Framed is an elegant where the player has to just touch and swipe the comic panels to change its place.

Award winning design

The game has been set in different locations which create a fusion of puzzle and a comic book. It gives the feeling that someone else has drawn the images and the player has to turn it into a story. Framed has received many awards for its design. It also was a finalist in “Excellence in Design” at IGF 2015.

Beautiful art and animation

Framed is a game that has beautiful art and a rich animation which is hand crafted to give the player a real life feel and a noir style adventure.

Jazz soundtrack

A music which features live jazz music with modern beats sets the mood for the entire noir style theme.

Why Play This Game?

Framed is an interesting game with a unique game play. The design is fabulous with the black and white illustrations which cover the pastel colours. Though the game is very short, it makes the player think out of the box to complete the different challenges.

It is original in its concept and the game play is fast paced, with each level posing a different challenge. Additionally, the dynamics change with the levels and the music covers up for the lack of dialogue in the game. It puts to test the creativity and the problem solving skills of the player which makes the game surprising, fun and entertaining.

The game will have the player hooked from the first puzzle to the last.

Things about the App

The app has been designed keeping the little details in mind which has a fluid gameplay and a unique concept. Framed has been designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch IOS 7.0 and above.

Final Word

Framed is a good game that has been nicely executed and well thought of. It is filled with originality, elegance, design, art and animation. Though the game is short, it is worth the play if a player wants a well-balanced challenging game and also wants to have a fun and relaxed time. The game is highly recommended which will leave you glued to your phone with every second seeming like a joyous unique experience.

Looking to download it from the app store? Here is the link.

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