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Home News Google Brings Native Windows 10 Notification Support for Chrome

Google Brings Native Windows 10 Notification Support for Chrome

Google has recently added the native support for desktop notifications on the Windows 10 platform with the chrome 68 update. Google Chrome is now among one of the major web browsers which have added the support for native windows 10 notification. This feature has been undergoing testing for some time now. Previously the tech giant rolled out the same feature for the macOS with the chrome 59 update.

With the new release of the latest update on Windows 10, the desktop notifications will be sent through the Action Center. Following the release of this feature, it will allow users to apply Windows 10 custom notification settings to the browser, a report from Thruott.com says.

Notably, the feature will gradually make its way to all users. As per Peter Beverloo (@beverloo) from Google, the feature is currently available for almost 50 per cent of users running the 68 version on windows 10. It is expected that this new feature will eventually get to the remaining users running the Chrome 68 in the forthcoming days.

Though no specific information is available on the dates of its final release to the remaining users. Users who are curious about the new feature and willing to turn on the feature but don’t want to wait can also activate it manually. The Windows 10 notification support feature can be enabled via ‘chrome://flags > Native Notifications’.

“Users can be able to limit the number of notifications that are displayed. As well as their priority in the Action Center. And also you can avoid getting distracted when you are in Windows 10’s Quite Hours mode.”

Like earlier said, Google Chrome is one of the major web browsers that support this new feature. The other browser in the same league is the Microsoft edge browser. Other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and others are yet to add this feature (support for native windows 10 notification).

Though chrome had the unofficial support for the Windows Timeline with the use of an extension; it was taken down because of its copyright issues.

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