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Google Chrome Will Soon Work Well With macOS Dark Mode

Last week, Google started rolling out Chrome 71 for macOS and other platforms, but among the many changes that were introduced, there was no dark mode for the macOS Mojave. That feature will be coming in early 2019 that is if the latest code submission on the Chromium development channel is anything to go by.


Some users on Reddit have spotted a code change by a Google developer concerning the Chrome’s native support for dark mode on macOS Mojave. The changes have been approved, which means that the dark mode support will be rolling out very soon through the stable channel.


The code submission gives a clue at a system-wide implementation which means that users will see a black background on the search and start-up page as well as the shortcuts interface. And also, the dark mode feature will add a darker tint to the tabs, menus, dialog boxes, bookmark bar and the status bar among other user interface elements.

But the dark colour scheme of Chrome’s incognito mode is reportedly creating a problem whenever it comes to implementing the dark mode on macOS Mojave’s Chrome browser. So, developers are currently working on differentiating the incognito mode’s appearance from the dark mode theme.

However, it seems like the Chrome’s dark mode support for macOS Mojave will not be arriving with the upcoming update, Chrome 72, which has already been breached and is set to roll out in early January. So, there’s a high chance that Chrome 73 will be the build which will eventually bring the support of dark mode and will likely arrive in March next year, but a release date is yet to be officially announced.

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