Google Go app gets over 100 million downloads as Android Go device sales grow

Android Go (or Go Edition) is a trimmed down version of the OS that’s aimed to run on the most extremely low-end smartphones imaginable in this day and age. Such handsets come with special slimmer versions of the built-in Google apps, as well as the Google Go app.

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This has now reached over 100 million downloads in the Play Store, which means sales of Android Go devices are really starting to pick up.

Last September Google Go barely made it past 10 million downloads, so it looks like the search giant’s effort to cater to those who can’t afford (or don’t want) expensive smartphones is paying off.

Note that we can’t actually assume over 100 million Android Go phones have been sold so far, despite the fact that Google Go comes pre-installed on every Android Go handset out there, as you can in fact install the app on other phones.

Some people might be into that idea because Google Go saves a lot of mobile data, which is likely to make it very popular in some developing markets.

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