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Google News Gets Data-Saving Features, Smoother Experience on Android Go

Four new features are coming to the Google News app, and the company has said that the new features will help users stuck with slower networks and capped data plan. According to a blog post by the company, the new features are designed to load web-pages faster, save data, and deliver a smoother experience on all Android smartphones including entry-level Android Go devices.


Firstly, the Google news app will open videos in YouTube Go instead of the full-fledged YouTube app. the former is an optimised version of YouTube designed for low-end Android phones, and it comes with quite a smaller footprint than its counterpart. To ensure maximised data saving, the videos on Google News will also not play automatically.

Another feature is a change to Newscasts (previews of a story) that is now becoming text-focused instead of depending on images and videos. This feature is also meant to save data.

Thirdly, images will be compressed and will also be fully loaded only when tapped on. GIFs and Videos will also not auto-play, which means fewer data will be saved and cached on the device.

And lastly but not the least, users will now be able to save articles for offline consumption, thereby removing the need to download the same content multiple times.

The new features will be automatically turned on, which means users won’t have to toggle on a setting or make sure that they are in the right mode. They have already started rolling out the updated app to the Play Store, and it will be available to all users over the globe in the next few weeks.

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