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Helpful Tips on Finding the Perfect Drone

Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, drones were once exclusively handled by military personnel. However, thanks to modern technology have become available to the public as well.

Designed for recreational purposes, they are utilized in a variety of ways.

Such As

  • Delivering various items
  • Land Surveying
  • Tracking wildlife
  • As a side hobby
  • Aerial photography
  • Construction site mapping

This is just a few of the reasons people get drones, however, there are numerous others as well.

Whether a person is somewhat knowledgeable or a beginner, here are some helpful tips when buying a drone.


  1. The Purpose of a Drone – Depending on what a drone is going to be used for, there’s a wide variety to select from. Such as, something that’s relatively easy to use for beginners and young teens just starting out. Once the individual gets better acquainted with his or her drone, then they can move on to one which is more advanced. However, if the person is an expert and would like a drone for aerial photography, thanks to modern technology there’s a wide selection of top of the line drones equipped with cameras as well.
  2. Cost – Drones come in a variety of styles and prices, for those just starting out it would be wise to purchase one that cost less. There are lots of cheap drones that can handle crashing into objects and walls without getting damaged. Most of which come with spare parts, including propellers, motors and batteries. Once the user is comfortable with maneuvering their drone they can then move up to the next level and get one of the more advanced RC products.
  3. Safety – Because a drones propeller blades can do damage when used indoors, there are special guards that are fitted around them to protect valuable items in the house, people and pets. They’re relatively easy to apply and save the blades from getting banged up as well, making them worth having.
  4. Insurance – Depending on if the drone is going to be flown outdoors, it’s wise to have it insured. Most homeowners insurance policies include liability coverage for RC aircraft that are being used for recreational purposes. The Academy of Model Aeronautics also offers drone insurance policies that cost under $60 per year. Providing over two million dollars coverage in the event of an accident, taking care of any property damage or personal injuries.
  5. Registering a Drone With the FAA – Any drone weighing over .55 pounds, that’s flown outdoors is required to be registered with Federal Aviation Administration. It is a relatively easy process which only costs $5.00 and is considered to be a federal law. Whenever the drone is being flown, it’s good to have the FAA registration certificate present. If the RC vehicle is not properly registered, the FAA can charge up to $250.000 in fines.
  6. Understanding UAS Safety Rules – The UAS safety regulations get stricter all the time and be being better informed can safe much time and hassle to the user. By reading up on the rules a person can avoid any contact with the local authorities. So it is wise to fully understand what’s required before actually flying the drone outdoors.

Special Guidelines:

  • Never fly drones near stadiums, where crowds of people are, in or around national parks, as well as places where it can come in contact with someone or their personal property.
  • Do not ever fly a drone close to an airport or in an airplanes fly zone.
  • It might seem like common sense, but a person is not supposed to fly their drone while intoxicated.
  • If there’s an emergency situation, keep your drone away from the area, this is to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being.
  • Being able to fully comprehend the restrictions and rules of airspace.
  • It’s prohibited to fly higher than four-hundred feet, as well as steering clear of any surrounding vehicles.

Besides knowing the UAS safety rules, it’s also good to know your local state laws as well.

What to Look for in a Drone:

  1. A Long Lasting Battery – Before buying a drone you’re going to want to check and see how long the battery stays charged. There’s nothing worse than being outside enjoying flying your drone, when all of a sudden, the battery dies on you. That’s precisely why it’s important to find one with an extended life battery.
  2. A High Resolution Camera – If you do aerial photography it’s smart to get a top of the line camera that’ll provide you with optimum performance, especially if it is work related. Even if the drone cost a little more money than the rest, it’ll be well worth it. Most stores that sell drones will give you helpful advice on the ones which would be the best suited for your needs.
  3. Swiftness – One feature that you are going to want to pay special attention to is the drones speed, this will make it that much more fun to operate. The faster the better, especially when used for aerial photography and performing stunts.
  4. Maximum Height – When purchasing a drone for traveling long distances and for taking photographs, height is of the utmost importance. It’s also ideal when flying in areas with a lot of buildings and other structures nearby. Depending on where you’re going to want to fly it, there are some that travel over five-hundred feet in the air.
  5. Live Stream Video – For those who want to take live stream videos and images, you are going to need to look for a drone that comes equipped with a high quality life feed feature. Since only a limited amount of drones offer this feature, it takes a little bit of research on your part.

In Conclusion:

When looking for the perfect drone, take the time to research on the various ones that are available. Making sure to check out every single feature and quality about them. Remember, it is going be something for you and having the perfect one can mean everything. Once you’ve received your drone, read through the instructions until you get a thorough understanding.

Then you can take it for a test flight, going slow at first, until you feel more comfortable with it. Drones are very enjoyable to fly once you get the hang of it and can be so cool as well.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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