Honda CR-V 2018

Honda CR-V 2018 is all about technology, amazing fuel efficiency and a lot of cargo space. In terms of style quotient, this is a sleek model and driving this car is a fun ride.

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Powered with a turbo 190 horsepower engine and automatic transmission, this car is equipped with an all-wheel drive. With a host of added features, this is definitely a valuable and unique product we are looking at.


Honda’s decision to pair the turbo engine with a continuous variable transmission does pay off. It doesn’t make it the most powerful engine available in the market but then it does work wonders if we are talking about regular use and long drives.

The base version of this car has a 2.4 liter inline-four capable of giving you 184 HP and 180 lb-ft of torque. The smooth drive possible with this car is commendable and its recently upgrade all-wheel drive technology allows the car the flexibility for a seamless journey.


Honda CR-V 2018

A cozy interior, spacious and sleek allows the driver and the passengers to enjoy luxury and comfort. There are no changes in the interior from the previous 2017 version. In terms of front passenger space, it scores the highest in its respective category. The rear seats are also very spacious for two people to comfortable enjoy plenty of leg room and head room.


Now this is a downside of this car. In terms of controls, it lacks an auxiliary input. A Wi-Fi hotspot still remains missing. The newly introduced rotary volume knob saves the high tech infotainment from being a miserable failure otherwise.


This is a muscular car with a stylish contemporary look and the front end design evokes aggression and fury. No new colours have been added to the previous options. Offering a decent ground clearance of 8.2 inches, it does well when it comes to navigating unmapped roads – thanks to its all-wheel drive system in place.

Cargo Space:

It leads all its rivals and is unmatched in terms of cargo space. 10 carry-on suitcases can be fitted behind the rear seat – this matches with what Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5 can offer. If you fold the rear seat, then the cargo space becomes enough to stash in 25 carry-on suitcases.


Undoubtedly, this car is the perfect choice when it comes to meeting safety standards on the road. In terms of crash testing, it tops all its rivals. It is also very easy to install a child seat in the CR-V. The driver assistance features are optional and can be expensive.

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However, the new edition of the CR-V makes expensive optional features like Honda Sensing Safety and driver assist a standard part of the deal. It is also equipped with a backup camera and has different views – top, wide and normal.

Apart from that, the car also boasts of various other features like Electronic Stability Control, and Vehicle Management System to keep the vehicle stable at the highest of speeds and provide more steering control to the driver.

Bottom line:

The CR-V is match winner when it comes to pricing and long drives. If you often have a lot of luggage to stash inside a luxurious car, this might be the car you were always looking for.

The CR-V has been a popular range ever since its inception and it seems that the car will continue that. The brand has said that 90% of the car is all new, giving more comfort, more space, and more stability to its customers than its predecessors.

However, the added features and equipment have made the car a bit heavier, and the look of the car has also become more serious than before. But, the car is still loaded with top safety features and equipment for its price range and would be a great buy for younger drivers.

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