Hoverboards: All You Need to Know

The demand for hoverboards in the recent years is second to none and that is why it is very important before you get a hand on one, you have to do your research very well. This will not only enable one to get the best one available in the market but also one that is safe.

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Truth be told, the rise in demand for the product have made manufacturers come up with different hoverboards with a lot of add-on and features. Here are what one should always consider before buying one.


It is very important to be very careful where you purchase your overboard. You will realize that majority of the major online shopping site removed the overboard from their stock because of safety concern. This exercise has made the product very cheap because of the clearance sale, with this in mind, you will realize that most of the products available online have low battery lifespan. This is why when shopping, one should get them form not only a very reliable source but also reputable one where you are guaranteed to get value for your money.


One of the major drawback of shopping online for these product is that it is very difficult to figure out when the products was manufactured. The reason as to why so many stores are getting rid of the hoverboards that were manufactured in 2015 is because of the safety. This simply means that the hoverboards that were made much later are in good quality and performance compared to the former. The best hoverboard that were produced recently to cater for the safety concern are the one that have smartphone application and this is what one should always go for.

Wheel size

The hoverboards come with actually only three wheel to choose from which is pretty straightforward. That is why it is very important to choose what will suit you very well. What you will realize is that the hoverboards with small wheels are easy to carry around as compared to the one with larger wheels, the only drawback for the small wheel hoverboard is that the limit the hoverboards in wide areas. When you compare this with the bigger wheel hoverboards, they are very smooth to ride on different surface be it rough terrain or smooth ones.

  • 10-inch wheel – very smooth ride on different surfaces including a very hard terrain making it very ideal when you are doing transportation
  • 6.5-inch wheel – suitable for individuals who fancy doing so much tricks with the machine
  • 8- Inch Wheel – ideal for transportation too because they have a very good balance for the user.


The concern over the safety of the hoverboard in the last few years has made many manufacturers panic sale to clear the previous stock of the machine. That is why it is very important for the buyer to make sure that they get the best product in the market at a reasonable price rather than buying one at a cheap only to realize that they are not safe to use. make sure you understand what our specification are and get what will suit your preference.

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