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Home Guide How Cloudflare Network Works?

How Cloudflare Network Works?

This is perhaps highest cloud network platform in the world today. This platform is housing more than 12 million domain names across the globe. The system does two important functions to your site and they include accelerating your website. Secondly, it protects your site.

Once you subscribe to the network, your website would be routed through the platform. The company will optimize your webpage delivery system, and this will translate to fast page loading. Furthermore, you are guaranteed better and faster performance.

As pointed out above, it protects your site. Once it observes any threat to the site, it will block it. Most importantly, it can save your resources and make your site more responsive. It ensures that abusive crawlers and bots are prevented from damaging your site. You will notice an increase in performance within the shortest time. It will decrease an attack and spam on your website. The system is designed for webmasters. It protects you and your online business and power your system.

The system is designed for anyone who owns a domain and a website. Once you subscribe to the network, it takes just few minutes to integrate your site to the network. It will simply mean a simple DNS change. Furthermore, the system does not demand any hardware or software before it can work. You will not be required to change anything in your site such as your site code. If you want to secure or accelerate your website, this platform is good for you.

It simply relies on how the internet works to deliver its services. Because of that, you do not need to install anything before you can use the system. It only involves making minor change from the registrar you bought the domain names and nothing more.

Even when you make those changes, it does not alter anything about your website. It will enable them to deliver better service by accelerating your web traffic and cleaning unnecessary bugs.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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