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Home Guide How to Enable USB Debugging Mode?

How to Enable USB Debugging Mode?

If you have Android Mobile and you are using Android Mobile for a long time, you know or do not know a lot about USB Debugging mode then you must have heard the name.

Whenever you connect your Android mobile with a computer, you have a notification on the screen that contains the name of USB Debugging, which is an option of an Android Developer. This option is hidden in all Android mobile.

Today, in this article, we will tell you what is USB Debugging Mode? How to enable the option in your Android mobile? How to Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging in Your Mobile Mobile in Your Mobile?

What is USB Debugging?

The name of USB debugging only shows that it tracks something by using a USB track related to it. The developer of the Android app tests the application in Android Studio Kit by connecting the Android phone to the computer with the help of this process and solve the problem in it.

Nowadays it is a very useful mode for ordinary Android users besides USB debugging developer. With the help of which Android can install Custom Recovery and Custom ROM in your phone and also root your mobile from your computer then if you need to root your mobile from the computer then it is very important to know about it.

Simply put, USB Debugging mode creates a connection between the computer and Android mobile, allowing you to copy and transfer all of your mobile data into your computer. Along with this, you can install any application. Uses USB Debugging Access to the system file level of your device.

How to Enforce USB Debugging Mode

First, in order to enable the Android Developer option in your mobile phone, you go to Settings and there you will find About Phone option. After opening the About Phone option there you will find the Build Number.

Tap on Build Number five to six times. After this, your Developer option will be enabled. Now switch back to Settings and at the bottom you will find the Developer option above About Phone. So in this way you can enable the Developer option in any of your Android mobile. After that, click on the Developer option,

Here you will find the option of USB Debugging Mode but you can enable it by tab.

Benefits of USB Debugging

USB Debugging has many advantages, some of which we tell you below.

  • You can transfer any file to your computer using USB Debugging.
  • By using it you can connect Android Studio SDK to your mobile.
  • If you have to install any software, you can install any application in your mobile using USB Debugging from your computer.
  • If you have to root your mobile, you can root your mobile from your computer using USB Debugging.
  • Using USB Debugging, you can install Custom Recovery and Custom ROM in your mobile.

In this way you can start USB Debugging with the Developer option in your mobile. So in this article, we have told you what is USB debugging? How To Flash And USB Debugging? So if you have any problems in the middle then you can write down in the comment box.


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