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Home Guide How to Hire the Ideal Saas Sales Representative for a Start-up?

How to Hire the Ideal Saas Sales Representative for a Start-up?

Selling IT products is not an easy task and if we talk about the start-ups it could even be more demanding especially if you are selling a sophisticated IT product like SaaS products. The start-ups are not in a position to hire huge sales staff but at the same time they need to sell more in less time.

So, you need to pay more attention to the quality rather than the quantity. In this blog, we will explain the qualities of an ideal sales representative for a SaaS start-up.

Responsibilities of SaaS sales staff

Sales department is more demanding and requires more refined skills. Sales job is not all about selling. Your sales staffs represent your start-up brand. They establish the relations with the clients and manage them.

A Sales representative not only acquires a client but also forges mutually beneficial relations with him and nurture the over a period of time in order to enhance the devalue proposition. Depending upon the situation a sales representative should be a good marketer, advisor, analyst, and even technician.

Should you hire interns?

No. You cannot risk hiring an intern here a as it is a full-time, full-mind job with a less scope for hit and try attempts. It is much more than generating new and creative ideas.

It is a long time commitment. Interns are generally students and they have to make a balance between the work and studies.

  • Even if they are not students yet they might be looking for better prospects somewhere that can affect their long term loyalty and commitment needed for nurturing the relations with existing clients.
  • An existing client feels more comfortable dealing with the sales executive that sold him the product. If that executive leaves the organization within a few months it would mean that the new sales rep will have to rebuild the relations with the same client from the scratch and no two individuals are equal.
  • A new sales rep. has to restart the entire process of establishing the relations with the same client and you cannot always be sure that the client will be able to share the same synergy with your new sales rep.
  • Collectively it reduces the ROI and adds a factor of uncertainty. That is why you need to hire professional sales executives with some experience.

You can choose a blend of freshers and those with a decent experience in the field but interns might not be the right choice here.

What are the qualities of a good SaaS sales personality?

A good sales representative should possess a complete blend of multiple qualities in order to succeed in the highly competitive market that could be quite tough for a start-up company:

Easily communicate value proposition

You might have developed an excellent product but being a technical product, you need to explain the things to your prospect. So an ideal sales representative not only understands the value of your product but is also able to explain the same to the prospects in the language that they can understand.

The price of your products is determined by the value proposition. So if a sales representative is able to tell the real value of your product to the client then you can not only expect a positive response but can also sell the product at the best prices.

Good evaluation skills

Sales process can be quite cumbersome when we talk about the sophisticated technical products like SaaS. Besides, it requires loads of time and time equals money.  Hence a good sales rep should be able to determine the right type of clients that are more likely to buy your products.

Besides, they have good forecasting ability and within a few visits they are able to tell whether you can deliver the product needed by a specific client or not. Thus you won’t be required to put into too much of an effort just to accept midway that your product doesn’t match their requirements.

Technical expertise

An ideal SaaS representative should be good at technology. Apart from knowing about their own product they should also know how these products can blend seamlessly with the current technical ecosystem of the prospects and explain the things in a comprehensible manner.

The customers of today are technically knowledgeable and would like to ask a series of technical questions before making a final decision. So, an ideal sales representative should be able to answer all such questions in a proper manner.

Last but not the least good sales rep should have a deep understanding of the latest technology trends and their relevance for your business in terms of building new opportunities, leveraging existing products or finding new markets.

Can evaluate the customer profile

Selling a SaaS product is an elaborate process and you are not always sure about the success. The instances where the deal is cancelled midway are not very uncommon.

So, a good sales rep should be able to identify the profile of the prospective client and determine whether its capacity, intention, budget or working culture/operations allow/require him to buy your product.

Hit and try endeavors can hurt your business at this stage. A good sales rep. should have excellent capabilities to evaluate the profile of the client and filter out the ones that are least likely to buy your product.

Besides, he should also be able to identify the spending power of the client and sell them the product of the maximum value.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger, Editor and Webmaster


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