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Home Guide How To Move Data From Your Old iPhone To Android

How To Move Data From Your Old iPhone To Android

Transitioning from iPhone to Android is as easy as transitioning from Android to iPhone. Getting tour contacts, photos and other data to Android will be much easier if you are using Google services (Google Music, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Contacts etc.)

How To Move Your Contacts From iPhone To Android?

Your contacts are usually stored in your email so they may be in your Gmail or iCloud. To move your contacts, Tap Settings on your iPhone > Calendar > Default Account.

If Default Account is under Gmail, then head over to your Android phone and sign in to your Gmail account (Settings > Account > Add Account > Google). This should sync your contact details.

If your default account is iClouds, visit Apple’s icloud.com website and download the contacts. You can do this by going to the site using Safari browser > Open address book > Click on the gear icon and choose Select All > Click the gear icon again and choose Export to vCard.

You can then import the vCard (a VCF file that will be downloaded to your Mac) in your Android device.

How To Transfer Music and Pictures To Android?

To transfer any of the above from iPhone to Android, use Google Music and Google Photos Download both apps off the App store, sign in with your Google account, choose Back up and Sync and continue. Also, installing Music Manager in MacOS will transfer all your iTunes music to Google cloud

Unfortunately, there isn’t much option to transfer from iOS to Android. Hopefully, Google and the big tech companies can work something out.

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